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Scott Friend


Developer, ePlan Partners

Location: Houston, TX


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Scott Friend has been working in the systems design and development for over 20 years.  Performing various roles including: programmer; database designer, developer and administrator; network technician; trainer and instructor; business and systems analyst; technical advisor; team and project manager.  Much of my focus has been related to providing solutions to the end users based upon first understanding their needs.  For nearly 5 years, clients have been located in Latin American countries where the primary language is spanish, and the culture is different.  Most notable project has been transitioning a development team for a client based in Mexio to adapt Agile principals (and elements of Scrum) as a development team leader, technical advisor and project manager.  When time allowed, earned certifications as a Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner.

Work experience

Andragogy Tech, IT Systems Coordinator
October 2009 - Present, , BZ

Technical lead for programming teams

Business and Data analysis

System Design (business perspective and technical perspective)

Project management

ePlan Partners, Developer
January 2014 - Present, Houston, TX, US
Developer within a Scrum influenced team providing software for the Builder Services industry. Specifically ERP and Design Selection tools.

CHR Solutions,
September 2007 - February 2009, Houston, TX, United States

Working under the Applications group of the Managed Services division, responsibilities would vary with client demands. Critical to all assignments were communications both internally, within the other groups and divisions of the company, as well as with the clients. In many cases, project management skills were required in addition to the skills required to complete the tasks of the project. Often, presales consultations would be performed to identify client needs and help determine the best solution. Major internal projects included maintenance of Microsoft CRM system, which was also the primary Help Desk solution, and migration of time management system to OpenAir including integration with QuickBooks. Major external projects included: integration of legacy database exports to securely transmit check information to bank for "Positive Pay" system; customize and support eCommerce systems, including integration of data exchange with Microsoft CRM system via Scribe software; SQL Server migration from 2000 into 2005 with Mirroring for grocery chain in Mexico; analysis of Point of Sale system and other information systems for same grocery chain with recommendations for robust and secure upgrade system; PCI compliant security hardening of Windows 2000 system for major grocery chain in the Northeast United States under supervision of their global Point of Sale system provider; server consolidation and relocation for bankrupt company to preserve records of a WAN with 100s of servers into a single rack. Clients would have direct access for support via email or cell phone throughout and after projects; responsibility did not end upon delivery. Each project would be unique, and client communications would be maintained in accordance with procedures established within Statement of Work.

ePlan Partners, Senior Development Programmer
February 2006 - August 2007, Houston, TX, United States

Perform software development tasks to further the development of a Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning application (ERP), Ecehlon, using primarily with Visual Basic .Net (Framework 2.0) and third-party components such as Infragistics NetAdvantage. The data repository is SQL Server 2000, integrated with Great Plains accounting software. System enhancements are made pursuant to client requests, as well as internal improvements of migrating older Visual Basic 6 versions of Echelon Modules to the .Net platform. Responsible for the coding of a Web-based system requisition system, which integrates with Ecehlon's relational database, using Microsoft-based web technologies as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and Infragistics UltraWebGrids. Customized JavaScript and ASP, VB.Net, code was required to enhance the behavior of the Infragistics Grids. In addition to software development, often paired to work with Junior Developers with the purpose of enriching their abilities through the application of established teaching skills. When not working on a project requiring the entire development team resources, responsible multitasking to meet development deadlines of various projects, alone and while working with other developers.

MTI College of Business and Technology, Web Technology Instructor
September 2004 - January 2006, Houston, TX, United States

Develop coursework in Web Design and Web Development to comply with guidelines set in the course catalog. Provide theoretical and laboratory instruction to students pursuing an associate level degree from an accredited private college. Along with other instructors within the department, collaboration established continuity between semesters and subjects. Subjects taught in two different semesters: ASP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, ADO.Net, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, HTML, javascript, cascading style sheets, branding, navigation, site promotion, search engine optimization, and communications. Additional responsibilities included: organize an extracurricular student web hosting and design group; perform presentation to groups of perspective students regarding the program; and educate admissions about the program.


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