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Susan Davis


Senior Engagement Lead, BoldRadius Solutions

Location: Toronto, ON


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Susan Davis joins our team as a Senior Engagement Lead with a BSE in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Based out of Toronto, Sue is responsible for coaching and teaching clients how to take the risk and drama out of "blue ocean" software development, and reliably deliver the right thing on schedule, by building effective teams that constantly learn and self-optimize.

Sue brings over twenty years' experience as a developer, architect, leader, manager, coach, and change agent. She discovered computing at age 11, writing BASIC and assembly language code on the TRS-80, C-64, and her school's PDP-11. Since then, she's worked with dozens of languages, platforms, and systems, and for a wide range of companies, from small startups (including one of her own) to large enterprises such as Avaya, Kodak, Rogers, and Amazon.

Sue discovered eXtreme Programming in 2001, and has been passionate about Agile and Lean development ever since. She combines deep expertise in Lean and Agile with technical and architectural expertise in enterprise systems, web applications, cloud technologies, and big data.

Outside the office, Sue is a three-time Canadian national champion in atarashii naginata, which she teaches at the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. She produces an audio drama, "Worlds of Adventure," for North America's only Pagan radio station. She plays the bass guitar, plays and designs board and role-playing games, and builds and sails homemade sailboats.


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