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CTO, Attractor, Inc.

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Ryutaro YOSHIBA is an experienced consultant who has deep expertises in Cloud Computing, DevOps, Agile Development, Organizational reformation.
He has 18+ years experience in IT industry and 10+ years consulting experience in several companies.
In addition, he has strong publicity in this industry by making several hundreds of presentations, publishing 8 books, contributing 10+ articles to magazines.

== Core Skills and Competencies
* Helping companies improve their business agility by using Cloud computing and Agile methodologies.
* Defining strategy of DevOps environment with Continuous Delivery, Cloud Computing, Testing Automation, and so on.
* Coaching and facilitating Agile development.
* Project management and software development with Scrum and XP.
* Evangelizing, Presentation and Training instructor.

== Books
- Joy, Inc. How we built a workplace people love, 2016/12, co-translator

- Amazon Web Services Enterprise Adoption Guide Book (Amazon Web Services企業導入ガイドブック), 2016/06, co-author

- Toolbox for the Agile Coach - Visualization Examples, 2016/04, co-translator

- Kanban in Action, 2016/03, co-translator

- Server/Infrastructure Engineer Cultivation Book (DevOps), 2016/02, co-author

- Continuous Integration getting started with CakePHP, 2014/09, co-author

- Chef Practical Guide, 2014/05, co-author

- Practical Vagrant, 2014/02, contributing an article

- Software in 30 days, 2013/03, co-translator

- SCRUM BOOT CAMP THE BOOK, 2013/02, co-author

- How to Change the World, 2012/02, co-translator


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