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Paul van der Spek


Project manager, Atlatl

Location: Maarn, the Netherlands


Certified ScrumMaster



Paul van der Spek. Independent project and change manager. Knows how to use the books to win the battle.

Failing on developing an ego I succesfully rely on my ability to influence the right people the right way to get the job done. My roots are in technology; electronics, engineering and IT.

I have worked 10 years as an IT project / programme manager for insurance companies. The last 5 years the role has shifted to include business change, my latest role has had only minor technology components.

The insurance firms I have implemented changes for were new to agile ways of working and since 2012 I have coached 6+ scrum teams on their development from group of people to continually improving agile scrum teams. Always starting by the book and helping make modifications based on the needs and competence of the teams.

In the 15 years I acted as a project manager I have found my passion: team development. My implementation of the project manager role has always been one of a facilitator, never being comfortable in the hierachical manager role. Agile scrum and putting the team first comes natural to my way of working.

Since 2006 I have been self employed giving me complete freedom to choose my own path. I have embraced Prince 2, Critical Chain Project Management and more recently Agile Scrum, always looking for the underlying concepts that make the methodologies work.

Work experience

Goudse, Agile coach
January 2016 - January 2017, Gouda, NL
Agile coaching and project management for the development of the CRM system, based on Microsoft Dynamics. Automatic processing of correspondence using Kofax systems. Introduction of Agile Scrum for the team, training and coaching of the team and team members. Consultancy for agile governance, agile example team. Strong improvements in correspondence processing automation and several improvements in the CRM system, as prioritised by a product owner.

Nationale-Nederlanden, Agile Coach & Scrum Master
July 2013 - June 2014, , NL
Agile coaching for the development of an administration system for a new pension product. Two teams working Agile Scrum. Successful product launch. Focus on continual improvement and optimising team effectiveness. Multicultural teams with team members from Serbia, Czech Republic and Germany.

Nationale-Nederlanden, Agile Coach
September 2012 - July 2013, Rotterdam, NL
Agile coaching for the development of an existing pensions system. STP, based on SAP FS Policy Management and MSG. Four teams working Agile Scrum, year budget of over €5.5M. Implemented continual improvement (PDCA), proven performance improvement and a growing culture of continual improvement. Multicultural teams with team members from Serbia, Germany and India working co-located in the Netherlands. Selected and coached scrum masters and product owners. Successfully made the transition from traditional control to an agile governance aligning all relevant stakeholders. Implemented working solutions for aligning with parties working waterfall.


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