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Pablo Lischinsky


Agile Coach & Trainer, Kleer

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay



Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Registered Education Provider


Certified Agile Leadership 1

Groups I belong to

Agile Venezuela



Pablo Lischinsky

I believe in the focus, principles and practices of Agile-Lean, which are based on empirical process control and its three pillars: transparency, inspection and adaptation.

I think the complex and challenging problems of today can only be addressed effectively and efficiently by self-organized and ​​multidisciplinary teams guided by the agile values: focus, courage, openness, commitment and respect.

I like to help through training and coaching, to organizations and teams who want to go towards agility in their organizations, so that they generate greater value to customers and great places to work through continuous improvement and experimentation-based learning.

I participate in professional communities sharing knowledge and experiences on Agile/Lean and Lean Startup for entrepreneurship.

Organizations I Train Through

Approved Courses

Continuing Education

  • Agile Architecture Workshop


  • Introduction to Scrum (Intro)
  • Scrum Estimating & Planning (Elective)
  • Agile Database Development (Elective)
  • Agile Software Development (Technical)
  • Introducción a Scrum (Intro)
  • Estimación y Planificación con Scrum (Elective)
  • Desarrollo Ágil de Bases de Datos (Elective)
  • Desarrollo Ágil de Software en Scrum (Technical)
  • Introdução à Scrum (Intro)
  • Estimativa e Planejamento com Scrum (Elective)
  • Desenvolvimento Ágil de Software em Scrum (Technical)
  • Desenvolvimento Ágil de Bases de Dados (Elective)
  • Semana Certified ScrumDeveloper (CSD) (Technical, Elective, Intro)
  • Certified Scrum Developer for CSMs and CSPOs (Technical)
  • Introdução à Scrum, Estimativa e Planejamento com Scrum (Elective, Intro)
  • Introducción a Scrum, Estimación y Planificación con Scrum (Elective, Intro)
  • Certified Scrum Developer Full Track (Technical, Elective, Intro)

Work experience

Kleer, Agile Coach & Trainer
January 2016 - Present, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay
Agile Coach & Trainer at Kleer

Evolución Ágil, President
July 2012 - December 2015, Mérida, Mérida
Training, coaching and consulting in agile frameworks. From March 2014 till December 2015 at Montevideo-Uruguay

Tangocode, ScrumMaster
July 2015 - November 2015, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay
ScrumMaster of 2 software development teams

Agiles, Remote Co-Chair
March 2013 - October 2013, Lima, Lima, PE
In 2013 I worked as a remote Co-Chairman in the Ágiles 2013 (Lima, Peru), the annual Latin American conference of Agile Methods.

Biosoft C.A., Trainer manager, consultant
April 2011 - July 2012, Mérida, Mérida, VE
Trainer manager, courses on business modeling, enterprise architecture and agile software development, consultant.


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