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Pankaj Gupta


Principal Engineer, Broadcom

Location: Bangalore


Certified ScrumMaster



Cell # +91- 98452 04336

Working with Broadcom India with 13 years of total IT experience..


Responsible for system software configuration management & release planning, defining short/long term software release process, defining best practices for software development which will be used by SCM and bug tracking etc.


Key Skills: Scrum with Tools, Git, Gitolite, Gerrit, Perforce, GIT, Clearcase, Clearquest, MS project, Bug tracking system integration with version control system, Integration of Perforce and Git, Electric commander, Software Release process, Perl, Python, .


Certification & trainings:

-          Scrum Master training & certification from Scrum Alliance.

-          Attended training from SABCONS on PMP and working on PMP certification (from PMI)

-          Completed certification on Project Management using MS project.

Training conducted:

-          Software Release process, SCM best practices, Build processes, SCRUM, Agile development model, following PMI for operation projects.

-          M&A strategy to follow for management (regarding software engineering).

Management Trainings attended:

-          Training and coaching employees, working legally and ethically, Finance for non-finance, Powerful presentations, Maximizing your supervisory potential, Engagement and retention workshop, Inside out coaching, Career power, Communication Skills & working in geographically distributed sites. 

Domain skills:

-          Continuous product deliver model: Expert knowledge of best practices used in system product development wrt build release automation, project/release branching models, bug propagation and bug tracking techniques, integration and system testing, handling large projects and product release etc.

-          Good understanding of TDD and deep insight into object oriented development and RDBMS.

-          Operating System: Solaris/Linux/Windows (VM’s)


Qualifications: PGDIT (MS) from IIT Kharagpur, BE from MD University.


Detailed Experience:

1) Currently working with Broadcom Corp. as Principal Engineer since Sept 2012.

Key responsibility: Scrum using tools.

Facilitating Development for faster development using best in class tools setup.

For example using Git, Gerrit for Agile development.

Using Perforce, Git integration for Agile based teams.

Bug tracking, branch management and release management for Agile teams.

Expert level knowledge in Git, Gerrit, Perforce, Clearcase, Bug tracking systems, Electric Commander,  Release management, Branch management.

 2) Network Appliance India Pvt Limited (Product based company) From Jan 2007 to Sept 2012 as Senior Release Engineering Manager.

Key Responsibilities & Accomplishments:

-          Responsible for supporting SCM tools like Perforce, clearcase and various related process/tools.

-          Responsible for defining build and release processes which are used across organization.

-          Responsible for defining release processes for a major product release.

-          Responsible for productivity, release planning.

-          Be a key to establish communication channel, sensing the problems and resolving, mitigating the risks.

-          Handling enhancement request with respect to SCM and bug tracking system for netapp.

-          Interfacing with executive staff on weekly basis with metrics to take strategic decisions.

-          Interfacing with Marketing and engineering to decide on which feature to make in release.

-          Reduce unwanted work.

-          Responsible for setting the priority, scope, schedule, and working with cross functional teams.

-          Hiring, Team building, Strategic thinking, planning and executing are some of the key responsibilities.

  1. Worked with Synopsys India Pvt. Limited (an EDA tools design product based company), Bangalore from Jan 2005 till Jan 2007 as a manager engineering.

Key Responsibilities & Accomplishments:

-          Supporting Git, Perforce and clearcase.

-          Be a key between engineering and marketing.

-          Global partner to manage technical dependency.

-          Responsible for defining processes with respect to SCM, bug tracking systems.


  1. Worked with Axes Technologies (in Embedded System Domain), Bangalore from May 2004 to Jan 2005 on Alcatel Projects. This company is formally known as Tech Mahindra.

Key Accomplishments:

-          Defined various processes for parallel development and continuous release cycles.

-          Defined software build, test automation processes.

-          Defined software configuration management processes.

-          Defined various key metrics for example: Code Churn, Rate of bug fix, rate at which bugs are filed etc.


  1. At Cisco Systems Bangalore from May. 2003 to May 2004 (through Vinciti Networks).

Key Responsibilities: Headed Vinciti network Cisco Account for software engineering. (8 engineers)

Key Accomplishment:

-          Was primarily responsible for supporting release process, clearcase and bug tracking tools.

-          Writing perl programs and bug fixing/enhancing existing tools.

-          Worked closely with system administrators for all types of system problem & wrote process/tools for automating various tasks.


  1. 5.    Worked with Midi from Jan 1997 to Oct 1999 as a Programmer. 50 developer organization.

Key Responsibilities & Accomplishments: (individual Contributor)

-          Was responsible for writing various web-based tools using perl & Java, oracle/ Pl sql.

-          Was responsible for writing Perl programs, which can help, in saving license cost & ensure proper utilization.

-          Responsible for integrating team’s code, testing and working with customer.

-          Wrote various tools on clearcase to make developer life simpler.

-          Defined the release process for company – first of its kind.



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