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Punita Dave


Agile Coach. Management Consultant

Location: San Francisco, CA


Punita Dave is an active Scrum practitioner and Agile evangelist with an experience of of 13+ years practicing Scrum and Agile, and 24+ years of industry experience. During this time Punita has had strong success in helping organizations become Agile, improving time to market with high-performing teams, and building Operations function. The journey has provided her with rich experience working with startup, medium and large enterprises in a global environment. She is passionate about building high-performing teams and establishing a safe culture of innovation, creativity and openness. She has successfully transformed organizations as large as 6000+ people and as small as 20+ team members, and has trained 1500+ on Scrum and Agile. This has exposed her to many challenges along the way, which she has overcome by being Agile, and staying true to Scrum Values. Other than being a Scrum Practitioner and Agilist, Punita is an amateur astronomer and enjoys star-gazing on clear nights and hosts star-parties. She also combines her two favorite things - National Parks travel and nature photography and has visited 30+ US National Parks and 7 Canadian National Parks.

Articles I've written

Building Respect and Trust with Your Scrum Team
I am frequently asked by new ScrumMasters how they can gain the trust and confidence of the team. Here are some insights and practices I have learned as a ScrumMaster and Agile coach.


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