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Nenad Nikolić


Product Manager API, XING AG

Location: Hamburg, Germany


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Nenad Nikolić has over 10 years of professional software development experience. He has worked at several companies for over 20 different international clients, mostly as a software developer but also occasionally taking on the role of a software consultant.

Since the beginning of his professional carrier, Nenad has worked with a variety of technologies, all of them object-oriented. During his life as a software developer he was working on a daily basis with different technology stacks - mostly with Java platform (for web portals, web apps and social web sites), but also C++ (custom ORM, complex GUIs based on Qt, network drivers), .NET (C#/ASP.NET web and client-server apps), Python (anti-virus client app based on client-server architecture) to name some of the most interesting problem domains.

Since 2009, Nenad has been working on the Google OpenSocial and employing it at the biggest European social network for professionals - XING, using the Java implementation of Apache Shindig project. Since 2010, he's working as the product manager at XING responsible for the XING API allowing programmatic access to XING social data based on which a variety of mobile apps as well as email program and web browser plugins have been built.


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