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Nima Honarmandan
Coordinator of Agile Training at BERTEIG.
Toronto, CANADA


Nima Honarmandan |  BERTEIG


Nima joined the BERTEIG team without knowing too much about Agile ways of working, however, his outside-the-box approach to tasks with a go-getter attitude soon resonated with his colleagues and helped him to flourish in his role.

As the coordinator of Agile training, Nima helps to establish BERTEIG public training sessions. He is often the person who helps guide people in their choice of training and answers questions about the sessions.

Nima is also responsible for business development including strategic partnerships and engagements to support Enterprise level transformations over the long-term. Nim relishes the opportunity to understand the needs of clients and help them use Agile to meet their goals and objectives.

Areas of focus:
- public training sessions in Canada
- private on-premise training for specific clients
- building strong customer relationships by understanding their needs
- developing new lines of business with existing clients 
- supporting our team of executive consultants with whatever they need

Nima delights is helping people, and is often the go-to guy on the BERTEIG team to support a new initiative. Many hats have been worn by Nima in the development of BERTEIG's business from small operations to leading Canadian Agile training provider.   


                  -- BERTEIG: Transforming People, Process and Culture --

We help you to transform your company by placing higher-value on:

- Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
- Working software over comprehensive documentation.
- Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
- Responding to change over following a plan.



Work Experience

BERTEIG, Coordinator of Agile Training
2015-03-02 - Present, Toronto, ON, CA
Set up public Agile training sessions in Canada for our BERTEIG trainers to deliver certified training. Coordinate all the logistics, including promotion and hotel arrangements for each event. Understand the needs of clients to help them with on-premise training and coaching support. Collaborate with our coaches or with sub-contractors to make sure the client's needs are met. Partner with other training providers and Agile coaches to build long-term business relationships.
BERTEIG, Business Development Manager
2013-03-04 - 2015-03-01, Newmarket, ON, CA
Responsible for business development including strategic partnerships and long-term engagements for consulting services. Be the Product Owner for the BERTEIG team. Understand the needs of the client and clearly articulate the most important need for the team to work on next, which may be consulting services (coaching), training or development of a tool which can help the client understand where they are in terms of Agility and what steps to take next.