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Norman Deschauwer


Software engineer, Thales IS Belgium

Location: Charleroi (BE)


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile in Belgium


I discovered Agile by reading a book written by Laurent Bossavit in 2002. I never had the opportunity to practice it on my project due to a management allergy. I think they simply didn't understand what was happening. And now i coach them to implement scrum.

I joined an eXtreme Programming project in 2007 and i just left it yesterday after nearly 4 years of an incredible adventure. I really can say that this is the project that made me realise all the power of scrum and XP.

During this period i made my CSM and got the CSP, I founded with colleagues and friend DotNetHub, a french speaking agile community, i participated to CitCon, XP paris, XP Switzerland, Agile Tour,.... I am really active in the agile community and i want to do more. Work is on, let's go further.


Work experience

- Present,

DotNetHub is a dynamic community, based in Wallonia - Belgium, organizing events focused on Microsoft Technologies & Agile Development Practices. Fostering communication and exchange of experience and industry best practices are among the primary goals of the community.

We were surprised to see that franch speaking belgian were not anthousist enough to participate to dutch or english events often based on the dutch part of oour small country. We decide to create a community of french speaker, all our conferencies or discussions are exclusively in french. The language was a boundary for some, now there is no excuse.

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