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Nick Brazeau


Principal Technical Program Manager, Huddle Group

Location: Greater Puget Sound Area, Washington


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster



Nick Brazeau is an accomplished Scrum Master with significant experiences in Agile and Scrum development from both a Scrum Master and developer perspective.  Nick has been involved in a variety of Microsoft technology centric projects, having experience with Microsoft .Net, ASP.Net, Azure, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and Windows 8 development. 

Nick has managed a variety of software development teams comprised of both local and off-shore resources as well as a build and deploy team that was tasked with implementing a new company deployment standard to reduce outages during deployments.

Nick is an MBA and understands the value that technology can bring to an organization if the projects can be delivered with quality, to feature, and on time.

Work experience

Huddle Group, Principal Technical Program Manager
August 2012 - Present, Renton, Washington, United States
As a Principal Technical Program Manager at Huddle Group, I am working with clients and development teams located around the world to ensure our clients are getting high value development delivered to quality and on time. I coordinate with our primary development teams in Argentina for long term sustained engineering/support engagements, and coordinate with smaller teams in Argentina and contractors in the United States for quick turn projects that may only last a few months.

My goal is to quickly develop cross functional teams that deliver solutions that more than satisfy our clients so we have the opportunity to grown through organic means, client referrals and organically within existing projects. This challenge spans language and culture barriers as well as technical and business barriers as many projects integrate across boundaries within and between organization. Ensuring a successfully delivery is my passion, and where I derive my job satisfaction from.

Microsoft, Sr. Application Development Manager
January 2011 - July 2012, Redmond, Washington, United States
As I Senior Application Development Manager with Microsoft, I worked with a variety of Microsoft clients to support their adoption of new Microsoft development technologies and tools to support development on Microsoft technologies. I was responsible for training developers on new technologies and best practices, performing code reviews and making recommendations on alternate approaches or performance improvements, and helping clients transition from to Agile development methodologies to improve their chances of success on software projects.

This position included technical know how to properly communicate with developers, DBA's and architects; project management know how to communication with project managers and train them how to adopt Agile methodologies, as well as training developers on what this change would mean to them; and political knowledge to help organizations see the value in adopting agile approaches and understanding that the changes in adopting agile did not mean less control - only more flexibility.

Hawkeye, Scrum Master & Sr. Software Engineer
July 2007 - January 2011, Kent, Washington, United States
As my technical and leadership skills grew in my time at Hawkeye, I progressed into a Sr. Software Engineer role and began guiding projects from a technical perspective. As my management skills grew I was given the opportunity to become a Scrum Master and begin to guide all aspects of the project, from envisioning with the client through delivery of the final solution.

As part of my responsibilities here I was - Responsible for HR on my teams (at one point 2 development teams and a build master team) - In part responsible for sales targets within specific accounts - Spearheading new technologies within the company to share the knowledge with other teams - Implementing new company standards for deployments - Implementing new company standards for sprint feature documentation

Hawkeye, Software Engineer, I & II
January 2005 - July 2007, Kent, Washington, United States
As a software engineer with Hawkeye, I was a part of various development teams that worked an a variety of projects. All projects were based on the Microsoft .Net framework. During this time, the company transitioned from a Waterfall development model to an Agile/Scrum based model.

As part of this change I assumed a leadership role on one of the teams and helped guide the team on the framework used to support scrum, how scrum driven projects differed from waterfall driven projects and also help introduce one of the first scrum masters to the company. As part of this I also coordinated with our sales executives and account managers to help then understand the differences our clients would see in future projects to ensure proper expectations were set during the envisioning and negotiation phases of setting up new projects.

CCBenefits, Senior Web Developer
February 2004 - June 2004, Moscow, Idaho, United States

Enhance and maintain the industry leading Community College Strategic Planner through project management and technical development. Maintain the Web Server, Database Server and the LAN

Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Programmer
July 2001 - March 2004, Pullman, Washington, United States
As a Programmer at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine I worked with Software Engineers to help me learn the best practices employed by the development organization.

My first project there as an ASP based web application used to track all student grades for fourth year students completing their clinical rotations, and track all professor evaluations from those same students. This system enabled the College of Veterinary Medicine to have real time tracking on all grades or evaluations that were overdue and reduced the amount of paper used in this process by over 70%.

My second project was with the People-Pet Partnership where I built a series of online curriculum's in Flash to aid first through third graders in understanding how to care for common pets.

Though no real Agile development philosophy was used in either of these projects, both were highly iterative and I began to see the value in having technical and business people collaborate closely on all projects to help ensure that everyone was satisfied and that projects were successful.


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