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Michael Whitchurch


Scrum Master, DigitalGlobe

Location: Fort Collins, CO USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Michael Whitchurch

Scrum Master, DigitalGlobe, Longmont, Colorado

Highly skilled Scrum Master, software developer, contributing engineer, and off-shore outsourcing team manager. Recent experience with satellite imaging, implantable pacemakers and defibrillators.

Windows C++, C#, XML

Experience living in Prague, Czech Republic, working with a off-shore outsourced partner company team.
Four years experience working with outsourcing partner companies in Prague and Ukraine in an integrated Agile and Scrum environment integrated with local U.S. teams.

Specialties: All aspects of implantable cardiac device software development with a focus on therapies. Curious and engaged with all elements of technology and adaptable to new fields.

Working as a liaison between U.S. and overseas outsourcing companies. Agile and Scrum environment, coaching combined off-shore with local engineering teams. Creating and documenting requirements, work estimates and plans, project execution and tracking.

Work experience

DigitalGlobe, Scrum Master
May 2014 - Present, Longmont, Colorado, US
Scrum Master, Java development teams


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