Matt Roadnight
Agile Coach at SprintAgile.
London UK


Matt Roadnight is an Agile coach and trainer working in the UK. Matt spent 12 years at Conchango, a UK based digital agency delivering web based solutions for clients like Debenhams, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of Ireland and Marks and Spencer. Matt has been practicing Scrum since 2004 in distributed and scaled environments across a number of blue chip organisations. Due to his involvement in digital media projects with a significant UX emphasis he has also focussed on helping ease UX/Agile project tensions. Matt has presented at both Agile and UX conferences and contributes to the London UX/Agile Special Interest Group. Since founding his own company in 2009 (SprintAgile) Matt has focussed solely on Agile Coaching and Training; helping organisations and their teams improve cross discipline collaboration, focus and delivery.