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Maria Matarelli


Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Co-Founder of the Agile Marketing Academy, Formula Ink

Location: Chicago, IL



Certified Scrum Trainer
Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Registered Education Provider


Certified Agile Leadership 1

My Courses

Certified ScrumMaster®
29-30 November, 2017
Location: Hyderabad, India


Maria Matarelli is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) with a background in Project Management Consulting and Agile Coaching and Training. Maria is also certified as a CSP, CSM, CSPO, 6 Sigma Green Belt, Certified Agile Marketing Trainer (CAMT), Certified Collaboration Instructor (CCI), PMP, PMI-ACP, and a Certified Professional Coach.

Maria travels the world on one-way tickets consulting and training companies on reaching true agility. In addition to applications of Agile in IT, Maria and her team have been applying Agile to the Marketing realm with incredible results. After co-founding the Agile Marketing Academy, Maria and a team of experienced trainers are dedicated to bringing Agile outside the normal applications. Maria is one of the first Certified Agile Marketing Trainers (CAMT) and is the Founder and President of Formula Ink, an international consulting company. Maria travels to consult organizations and speak at industry conferences with locations including Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Sweden, Istanbul, Vancouver, Morocco, Shanghai and many other locations. Maria is passionate about working with people to inspire agility.


Maria has worked with the Scrum Alliance on Community Outreach and organizing Scrum Gatherings. She has been greatly involved with Scrum User Groups as the Community Liaison and is the founder of the Illinois Regional Agile Users Group based in Normal, IL.


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Approved Courses


  • Certified Scrum Developer Workshop (Technical)


  • Certified ScrumMaster


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

Continuing Education

  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) for the Whole Team
  • Agile in Highly Regulated Environments Workshop

Articles I've written

Developing Your Agile Coaching Skills
Coaching can be done by anyone on a team. Managers, ScrumMasters, product owners, anyone can help the team focus on removing impediments, working toward continuous improvement, and guiding the team toward higher performance. Having a coach dedicat...

From Meager Beginnings to Masterful Ends
The story of how using Scrum helped one team complete a project outside the world of software with a minimal budget, almost no direction, and even less time.

Sustainable Pace: Trusting Your Teams
Endless business requirements, desired features, market pressures… There is always more work that needs done. Sometimes, it may feel like endless sprints where you thought you saw the finish line, but every time you round the track they...

Agile, Self-Organization, and Personal Responsibility
"How do I behave when I'm in a situation of shared responsibility but I'm not in charge of the person I'm working with and they're not in charge of me?" Christopher Avery opened his keynote presentation at the Agile Indy 2013 conference with this inquiry. This scenario arises quite frequently in an Agile environment, as we encourage self-organization among teams. We ask people to work differently, to self-organize and share responsibility, but what guidance do we give them on how to do this?

Agile Marketing
How can we achieve true business agility if the only department that is Agile is IT? We have found that applying Agile techniques to the ways in which a company approaches their marketing is extremely powerful.

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