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Marko Majkic


Agile Project Manager, Take The Interview

Location: Belgrade, Serbia



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner

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Marko Majkic

I'm passionate about software development and creating a great software, delivering something that me and all other people will love to use. I started programming in 1982 using paper, before I got my first computer, ZX Spectrum 48k in 1986. Since than, I'm infected with programming and I was always challanged to make things better, using whatever I could, and mostly it was software.

Since 2006 I found out that I could improve my soft skills and could contribute in teams organization, getting into agile world and Scrum. Since than, being infected with software, I was infected by agile. After that I worked in several companies and teams, being in several agile and Scrum roles, using and improving my strong technical background, improving significantly in communication, goal setting and achieving and coaching skills to help myself and the teams to excel. Although I'm pretty experienced now, I'm still learning, I'm willing to change and I enjoy it. Here is a short list of my agile voyage.

04/2016 - now Agile Project Manager at Take The Interview, Belgrade

01/2014 - 03/2016 Scrum Master/Release Manager at TomTom, Belgrade
- I introduced Scrum and agile technical practices in TomTom, Belgrade office and kept doing that as teams were growing (and splitting to more). I coached the teams and PO, playing role of Scrum Master for more than one team. Basically, at first I had a role of trainer, than Scrum Master and Agile Coach. After a while, since we're using SAFe for scaling, I played role of Release Manager and even Programme Manager on programme level

07/2013 - 12/2013 Scrum Master/Senior Software Engineer at Sungard, Belgrade
- I introduced Scrum and agile practices in several teams with help of Agile42 and Bent Myllerup. I designed and implemented full stack infrastructure (Atlassian) for the development, including git (Stash), CI (Bamboo), JIRA, Confluence. I also developed inovative and high-performance solution for high scale PDT derivatives trading, using best technical practices and the most important for the team was TDD - I tried to enable team to believe that it is possible to be highly effective and deliver on time using TDD, by leading by example.

07/2013 - 10/2013 Agile Trainer&Coach at Hyperoptic, Belgrade
- As trainer and external coach, I kept training and several coaching sessions with the team in process of introducing agile and Scrum for the development teams.

07/2008 - 07/2013 Head of Software Department at BeotelNet, Belgrade
- I introduced completely new technology stack, development infrastructure, technical agile practices and processes (Scrum) in the development team. I had a role of Scrum Master and Product Owner later, when role of Scrum Master was delegated to the team. On technogoly stack side, I introduced new Java technologies, enterprise architecture and together with the team we developed ERP size/significance software with very small, but extremely well self-organized and motivated team.

08/2007 - 07/2008 Senior Software Engineer at Mogul, Belgrade
- I worked in Scrum teams as a software engineer, working on several projects during this period.

11/2006 - 07/2007 Senior Portal Engineer at Qualysoft, Belgrade
- I started using Scrum, more in guerilla way by the team, we went through this process ourselves as a team, trying to find better way of organization and communication.

I think that I'm good at:

* Agile/Scrum training, coaching and enabling teams to deliver great software
* NLP and Communication
* Java/PHP/Linux/DB (and a lot more)

Work experience

Take The Interveiw, Agile Project Manger
April 2016 - Present, Belgrade, Serbia
I'm working with several teams on establishing agile environment while most of the time working on the product side, improving the process of product discovery and prioritization of the new features, based on strategic plans of the company.

TomTom, Scrum Master
January 2014 - April 2016, Belgrade, Serbia

Scrum Master role, serving teams working on projects important for the company future.

Coaching teams through the changes and challenges.

SunGard, Senior Software Developer/Scrum Master
July 2013 - December 2013, Belgrade, Serbia

Working in an agile team on probably the most important software in finance world.

BeotelNet ISP, Head of Software Department
July 2008 - July 2013, Belgrade, Select a State, Serbia

I created complete infrastructure, engineering practices, culture from the scratch.

I introduced Scrum and agile practices, work on adopting agile principles. I coached the teams towards higher productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and happiness. I was working five years in different roles in Scrum and agile environment.

Mogul, Senior Software Developer
August 2007 - July 2008, Belgrade, Serbia
I worked on several large projects.

Qualysoft, Senior Software Developer
November 2006 - August 2007, Belgrade, Serbia
I worked on social portal development.

Telefonija A.D., System Administrator/Software Developer
March 2003 - October 2006, Belgrade, Serbia
I worked on several software projects as well on installation of several software and server infrastructure.

Freelancer, System Architect
January 2002 - March 2003, Belgrade, Serbia
I created several software applications at this period: Warehouse management, Web accounting application, Betting site etc.

Mikrokom, Software Developer
November 2000 - January 2002, Belgrade, Serbia
I worked on accounting software development and customer support.

Freelancer, System Developer
January 1995 - November 2000, Belgrade, Serbia

I worked on several software and hardware development/installations at this period for several small companies as independent consultant.

Articles I've written

Five Scrum Short Stories
Scrum traps – at least some of them – and what we did to avoid/resolve them By: Marko Majkic, CSM CSP When I was first introduced to Scrum, I thought "What an easy and beautiful way to be efficient!" After years of doing Scrum, I fou...

Beware of the Evil ΓÇ£85% DoneΓÇ¥
Beware of the Evil “85% Done” By: Marko Majkic, CSM, CSP Years ago, in the dawn of my Scrum voyage, I was asked by my colleague from the sales department to estimate a project. The situation was kind of complicated; I would say kind ...

Scrummertime and the livin' is easy
Scrummertime and the livin' is easy By Marko Majkic, CSM, CSP I have prejudices. Usually, people have prejudices about everything, including Scrum. This is normal and ok as long as we are aware of these prejudices and we're ready to deal with t...

May the Force Be with You
Thinking about Scrum and Agile, and talking about them with others, has led to ideas that I'd like to share about how the FORCE acronym can help us adhere to best practices.


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