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Laszlo Szalvay


VP and GM of the Scrum Business Unit, CollabNet, Inc.

Location: Portland, Oregon USA

(503) 248-0800


In August 2000, Laszlo Szalvay founded Danube Technologies, Inc. with his brother Victor in Seattle, Wash. Although Danube was originally created to manage outsourced software projects, the company’s focus soon shifted to helping organizations transform to Agile management practices. When an internal tool that Danube developed to improve its own processes became a hit with clients, Danube inadvertently discovered its flagship product, ScrumWorks® Pro. Danube has also introduced a services division, now called ScrumCore, in August 2004, which provides Scrum and XP coaching to clients.

In February of 2010 CollabNet acquired Danube. Currently, Laszlo serves as Vice President and General Manager of CollabNet’s Scrum Business Unit. In this role, he drives the company’s Scrum Business, implementing and executing business initiatives that accelerate growth.

Laszlo graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2000, where he studied economics and earned departmental honors. He lives in Portland, Ore. with his wife, Alison, and their daughter, Claire. In his free time, Laszlo enjoys barbecuing, collecting Oregon Pinot Noir, playing speed chess, and spending time with old friends and family.

Articles I've written

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