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Karthikeyan M S


Associate General Manager - PMO, Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd

Location: Bangalore


Certified ScrumMaster



Karthikeyan M S, I lead the Project Management Office for a French multinational R&D. My passion is in coaching people to enjoy working in collaborative, learning environments excites me.  Especially in pursuit of building lovable products. I also train, consult, mentor and facilitate teams to better use a set of Agile discovery and development concepts, tools, methods and practices. The whole set gets absorbed through interactive training, applied in context. And it usually takes more practice for it all to sink in. Coaching allows me to sense an impactful situation, helping people to integrate the set of Agile concepts, tools, methods and practices that much faster. My effectiveness results from a practice spanning over technological and interpersonal disciplines. For me, there’s always room for improvement. Pairing with others helps improve my collaboration skills while increasing the customer’s benefit, so I consistently seek out people to co-train and coach with.


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