Micha Kops


My name is Micha Kops and I am a software engineer highly interested in agile software development, software architecture and continuous learning and curiosity :)

* Since 2004 I am working as an application developer and software architect at Seibert Media in Wiesbaden, Germany
In 2011 I became Certified Scrum Product Owner
In 2012 I became Certified Scrum Master
In 2012 I became Certified Scrum Developer

One significant part of my work is the development of software systems in a Scrum team, another part is to support of internal and external development teams in leveraging aspects like agile methodologies, continuous-integration, continuous-delivery, behaviour-driven-development, test-driven-development and applying heuristics and best practices in the field of software architecture,

Besides that I'm highly interested in ways to improve in-team/inter-team/stakeholder communication and therefore I regularly chair a community of practice to improve moderation skills, extend the toolset for meetings and retrospectives and explore creativity techniques.