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Keith Jackson


CTO / Agile Consultant, The Ministry of Technology

Location: Bristol

07519 633308


I am a highly experienced software architect and agile consultant and considre myslef to be a 'pragmatic agilist'. I am also experienced in developing and implementing systems to support Testing strategy and in implementation of Agile processes. I specialise in implementation of agile in dynamic environments such as agencies. My programming skills are primarily focussed on Web based applications and services using Microsoft stack and JavaScript. I am extremely passionate about all of the projects I work on and I would like to bring the benefits of Agile processes to organisations and teams that do not focus on software development. See The Ministry of Technology website for more details. I’ve worked with a variety of large and small clients over the last 12 years including Somo, Orange, ioko, S-Cool (developing student prospectus systems nationwide), Dyson and Nokia.


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