Kim Brainard
Founder at Agile Brain.
Washington D.C.


Kim served as Co-Chair for Scrum Alliance's Global Gathering 2017. She is sometimes referred to as “Unconventional” for her creative tactics to generate transparency and encourage self-development or as the “People Whisperer” for her street-savvy style of coaching that brings out the best in people. Kim’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect her with people of all walks of life on an intimate, intense and individual level.

Kim believes you create your own reality by the way you think and therefore act. You cannot blame your peers, your family, or circumstances, because you are not your circumstances. You are your possibilities. If you know that, you can do anything and make the best of any situation. She has applied this analogy to her personal and professional, real-life, in-the trenches experiences.  She is skilled in building interaction and collaboration among organizations and teams to drive change, support key business objectives, and maximize value creation across enterprise environments. She has extensive experience in coaching agile teams to drive releases from start to finish to support mission critical projects.  She has worked in public and private sectors, coaching organizations to create a shared vision and build a strong united leadership to empower organizations to achieve a successful Agile transformation. 

Work Experience

Radtac, Co-CEO
2017-02-01 - Present, Washington, D.C., US
I LOVE people and enjoy creating positive change in their professional and personal lives. Coaching others to realize their potential and setting them up to achieve results is a win for everyone. Having the opportunity to train and teach others to learn is a gift and inspires me each day when I see others experience that "Aha Moment". I teach to inspire and I'm doing what I love. My passion is about creating something bigger than myself. "It’s quite fun to do the impossible” –Walt Disney I am focused on putting my passionate into good use by helping organizations and individuals develop a vision for their potential growth and development. I invest in those I work with by taking a unique approach as I value every situation is different. RADTAC is a leading global provider of Agile transformation, training and delivery services since 1998. Laura M. Powers and I co-lead the expansion of RADTAC into North America and offer a full spectrum of Agile training (biggest training breadth and depth in the world), consulting/managed services, Agile team staffing and culture transformation services. Radtac has facilitated Agile transformations, from across a few co-located teams to many thousands of people worldwide, providing a level of Agile / Lean experience and expertise that is unmatched by any other company in the world.
PCAOB, Senior Agile Deilvery Leader
2015-05-18 - Present, Washington, D.C., US
An Agile Delivery Leader responsible for maximizing the ongoing performance of a crossfunctional agile team and producing products rapidly and with high quality. I work with the team to establish product backlogs, produce estimates and budgets, and deliver commitments to the business on-time and on-budget while minimizing risks and surprises. As the Agile Delivery Leader I bring strong interpersonal skills, a collaborative nature, and awareness of self and others. I work along side with other Agile Delivery Leaders and functional managers within OIT to share learning, mitigate technical dependencies, plan resource allocation, and to maximize practice consistency between agile teams on an ongoing basis. Tasks also include monitoring/managing team velocity/throughput, getting the team the resources it needs, removing roadblocks and escalating effectively, maintaining focus on the goals of the business, ensuring that the team Is making good commitments and delivering on the commitments that it makes, identifying, tracking, reporting on meaningful performance/progress metrics, and assists the team in achieving performance goals. I report information to and for the team clearly and continuously. I ensure that the plan changes with demand/supply while Identifying where performance breakdowns are occurring.
Agile Brain, Agile Consultant
2011-12-01 - 2017-01-31, , Washington D.C.,
Agile Brain Consulting;s services through coaching or mentoring was to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals so that they could increase their performance on the task for which they receive coaching or mentoring. Kim's training portfolio provided an array of certified and non-certified courses that focused on brain based learning. She trained others based on how they learned not how we learn.
Kight Point Systems, Scrum Master/Product Owner/Coach
2012-11-05 - 2015-05-01, Reston, VA, US
• Responsible for strategic and tactical initiatives within KPS's envelope-pushing agile environment including scaling to the Enterprise. • Coached and trained several teams including Program Management cohorts. Educated executive management and championed the use of Agile. • Collaborated with cross functional teams to gather business requirements related to ongoing development using Agile estimating and applied user stories. • Developed Agile, Scrum, and Lean training material for KPS and The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Conducted continued training exercises to help Agile continued education throughout the organization and within KPS.
Whitney, Bradley, & Brown, Scrum Master & Coach
2010-11-01 - 2012-11-16, Washginton, District of Columbia, US
Selected by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Chief Information Officer (CIO) to provide direct support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Executive Associate Director for Management and Administration to resolve communications and scheduling issues Provided coaching and mentoring to Scrum teams in accomplishing tasks. Trained government, technical staff and WBB personnel in the technical properties of assigned work Daily interface with multiple levels of ICE/OCIO Executive to exchange information, discuss topics of interest and coordinate related task performance.