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Krishnaswamy Babu


Chief Agile Officer, Zymr, Inc

Location: Silicon Valley Bay Area, CA



K. Ramesh Babu, CSM.

An engineering management and product management professional with experience in the telecom, IT and life sciences industries. Technically insightful, and with a broad exposure to technologies. Demonstrated experience in defining project structure and facilitating smooth execution. Currently, I work at Zymr, Inc. as Chief Agile Officer.

I have been executing software development projects in an Agile fashion since 2010. With the exception of one project, all of the rest have been software development projects involving 4-8 software engineers in each scrum team. In the one project a high-precision robotic hardware was involved, targeting life sciences applications. In this project, the hardware portion used waterfall model, but the software portion used Agile model.

Education from world-class universities: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. U. S. citizen.

Work experience

Zymr, Inc., Chief Agile Officer
September 2013 - Present, Santa Clara, CA

Scrum-based execution of professional services projects for different clients. Rally Software, Jira Agile. Crafting user stories. Grooming backlogs.

Agilent Technologies, Project Manager
October 2011 - March 2013, Santa Clara, CA
Engineering project management of the development of a high precision liquid handling instrument. Suitable use of both agile and waterfall methodologies.

Apprika Systems, VP, Product Management
May 2011 - October 2011, San Jose, CA, US
One of the projects executed as a project manager was cloud-based ad service for feature phones. It was a 6-month long effort using Agile methodology, specifically Software-as-a-Service from Rally Development Corporation.

IP Infusion, VP, Professional Services
February 2006 - March 2009, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Starting as an engineering program manager to conduct software/hardware development for a then state-of-the-art Ethernet switch, I progressed to becoming a Director of Business Development, and went on to lead the Professional Services activity for the company.

Articles I've written

Emergent Design and the Intelligent Product Owner
An argument against emergent design is the possibility that it can lead to poor designs. An intelligent product owner can take charge and prevent these poor designs -- but how does he or she do it?


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