Joe Little
Agile Coach & Trainer, Managing Director at
Charlotte, NC


I am an Agile Coach, a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) and an MBA. (And I have some other Scrum Alliance certifications.)

You can find me at our website at You can see the way I appraoch lean-agile-scrum via my blog.  And via my new book, Agile Release Planning.

Hope you are having success with Scrum, and having fun! 

If I can help as a coach or trainer, or in any other way, please contact me.

Some further background on me:

* With an MBA, I tend to put more focus than others on Business Value Engineering, by which I mean all the practices in identifying and confirming where the BV really is.

* I had 20+ years of experience as a consultant to well-known firms in New York, London, and Charlotte.  And in Richmond, VA, and San Antonio, TX. I have been a Senior Manager in Big 6/Big 4 consulting. 

* In recent years I have worked with many clients of all types, and get invited back often.

* I initially was trained in Scrum by Ken Schwaber and mentored with Jeff Sutherland. I continue to work with Jeff Sutherland and a number of other great coaches and trainers.  I am pleased to call many of the coaches and trainers and practitioners in the community friends. 

* I helped start Agile Richmond. I started Agile-Carolinas and Agile Charleston, which have had some great speakers. I have several times been a speaker at Agile 20xx and at Agile Tour 20xx.  I have a book in draft (The Elements of Agile Style). 

* I have a BA from Yale and an MBA from NYU. 

* I am pleased to pass on Little's Second Law, which somehow one day came to me:  "People are remarkably good at doing what they want to do."  Much like "where there's a will, there's a way", but with a twist.

If you would like to talk, please contact me. 


Work Experience

Kitty Hawk Consulting, Inc., Owner
1991-10-15 - Present, Charlotte, NC, United States
Provides training, coaching and consulting to implement lean-agile-scrum approaches.