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Jan Ijben



Certified ScrumMaster



Jan IJben is an all-round interaction designer/ usability analyst and instructional designer and through the years he completed numerous projects with success. Jan is familiar with the complete design process from initial customers request, via (interaction / didactical) concept and the production of all resources and assets to the final delivery of an optimized end product. Care and devotion for the product characterizes him. Jan uses a no-nonsense approach and is result-oriented. He is capable of systematically translating complex educational problems into practical/creative solutions given the preconditions at hand. He focusses the attention on the end user. Ideal mix: creativity, perseverance, variety/variation, teamwork and joint inspiration and enthusiasm.

Based on Jans extensive project history he acquired experience in all facets of designing interactive multi-media and internet products (i.e. task-based, informative, educational, recruitment ; media: photo, audio, video and animations ; off-line as well as on-line; digital as well as paper-based products ; modern digital as well as traditional interaction forms). Jan can perform in advisory/consultancy roles as well as supportive roles. He is communicative, critical and he signals possible pitfalls in an early stage. Jan is used to working in multi-disciplinairy teams as well as acting alone in projects.


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