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Johanna Hunt


Johanna Hunt has experience in both commercial and academic application of XP and Scrum including roles as Lead Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Team Lead and Tutor and has worked in mobile/new media software development for small companies, large-scale (50+ teams) ERP implementation for multinational regulated environments, and research & education for academic institutions.

Beyond Agile coaching and Scrum Master activities she has particular specialisations in cross-functional team-collaboration, organisational cultural analysis, participatory learning approaches, workshop development and facilitation as well as leading organisational research into Agile software development innovation and transformation. She has been a frequent contributor to the international Agile community since 2006 with multiple publications, workshops and conference presentations worldwide, as well as frequent voluntary engagement with community event organisation and administration.

Johanna is passionate about supporting teams and companies to understand, improve, and innovate around their collaborative approaches and knowledge sharing practices.