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Juan Pablo Blanco


ScrumMaster, Samtec

Location: Costa Rica



Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Costa Rica Scrum User Group


Juan Pablo Blanco Dávila.

I'm from Liberia, a beatiful citi near the Pacific in Costa Rica. I have no brothers nor sisters (I know what you are thinking, yeah I've always been spoiled) and have a wonderful daugher. My parents and family are the best and are at the core of my life.

I started as a programmer around 2008 and it's been a continuous growth since then.

Right from the start I worked at challenging projects for big names like Pfizer, GSK and other important local companies like Durman. I was blessed to have such challenges and worked with very good people that taugtht me a lot in my early days.

After spending over a year as programmer I was given the opportunity to work as Project Manager. I learned a lot even though I was still young and inexperienced. I soon realized I was at meetings with important business persons. It was quite a challenge but I had a good mentor that was helping and guiding me all the way.

Some months went by before moving to my next opportunity. I took a job as a programmer again because by then I started a family and I was blessed to have a daughter. So as you may deduct, I needed more money :)

My new job was at a bigger company in which I had to talk in English every day and have to work with distributed teams. It was great times. I was advancing on my web skills as I was working at the Web team and then another opportunity knocked my door.

The organization was thinking about implementing Scrum and they gave me the chance to become a ScrumMaster. Do you see a trend here? Two jobs so far, I started as a programmer and then I have moved onto something else (Project Manager or ScrumMaster). I just think I'm not very good a a programmer :)

So I continue to take challenges and keep myself learning about Scrum and Agile in general.

I enjoy to see a group of people becoming a team and then see their evolution. It's one of my passions!

Other interests are: sports, learning in general, traveling.

Work experience

Samtec, ScrumMaster
January 2009 - Present, New Albany, Indiana, US
I've been working as ScrumMaster since 2009. I've taken the CSM, CSPO certifications in order to continue to help the organization to use Scrum.


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