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Ian Wilson


Managing Director, Gazelle Software Solutions

Location: Bath, UK



Ian Wilson

Over 28 years experience in the IT industry with roles covering software development, sales and marketing, and IT management. 23 years at Intel Corporation, 10 years of which spent running functions within Intel's IT organisation. From 2000 onwards  developed a particular focus on Agile software development methods, and the use of offshore development teams. Established offshore Agile development teams in Russia. International IT Director with Intel Corporation from Oct 2004 - March 2007 and etablished IT development organisations in Malaysia, India and China. Founded Gazelle Software Solutions in May 2007, which provides Agile software development solutions to clients using offshore teams.

Articles I've written

Agile: ItΓÇÖs the business stupid!
It has been said that in a waterfall project you aim a rifle at the target, shoot, and then hope you hit the target. With agile methods, on the other hand, you aim the rifle toward the perceived center of the target, shoot, and then steer the bullet towards the actual center of the target. If the customer is not involved in steering the bullet, you will almost certainly miss the target. The question is, how do we ensure that the customer steers the bullet? This article offers several approaches for obtaining the customer commitment necessary for project success.


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