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Hugo Lourenço


Manager Director, agile21

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

+351 215 915 719


I’m the Manager Director of agile21. I’m most passionate about getting to the bottom of how (and why) things tick, and have focused on qualitative and quantitative primary management tools for more a decade. 

At agile, I research and implement global trends among senior executives and organizations across any industry and topic you can imagine, from strategic planning and coaching, cloud computing, management and green technology to diversity, orthodoxies and radical management to agile.

I received an master’s degree in advanced project management from the Catholic Lisbon School of Business and Economics, as well as a master’s degree in Entrepreneur and Innovation management. 


Agile21 group have agile Innovation for business analysis, agile numbers for economic and financial and agile laboratories for software development.

I've a strong personal drive. Targets and rewards motivate me strongly, but a major incentive for me is the idea of creating a legacy and wielding influence over others. I like being in the front, driving projects forward, but at the end of the day, I provide the push to get things done.

On the flip side, sometimes I can be a bit arrogant, and impatient with teamwork if not delivering and, by ourselves we don't know the WHY-if.

Persistent and open to all new things, I love the combination for bringing a new idea through the various phases of development and execution. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” is perhaps the best way to describe me. I'm perfectionists and tend to be workaholic, most likely because it takes an incredible amount of dedication, time and hard work to push through an idea or initiative that hasn’t yet caught on. 

I take deep pride in my achievements, but I also enjoy sharing my expertise with others; I am an intense colleague who feels passionately about what I do. Because I'm so persistent, even in the face sometimes considerable pushback, is crucial to the innovation cycle. I tend to be consider as a risk-taker.

Drop me a line at, or follow me on Twitter at @hlourenco75.

Work experience

Scrumbreakfast Club, Scrum Coach
October 2015 - Present, Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
WE ENABLE PEOPLE AND COMPANIES TO BECOME AGILE The Scrum Breakfast Club is the space for people who are passionate about being Agile… and getting their teams, companies, customers stakeholders and other partners to become and remain Agile! Every month, we get together in a neutral space, to learn, share, solve problems and be Agile. Is that you? Would you like to be a part of that group? Then the Scrum Breakfast Club is for you!

Capgemini, Executive Manager
April 2015 - Present, Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
My current focus is on how businesses are dealing with Cultural transformation and digital transformation, using Governance and agile practices and how this impacts how they choose to go to market and how they operate. My aggregated experience of working closely with the leaders of many of the globe’s most powerful brands has convinced me that the future enterprise must seek to rationalize the legacy product portfolio marketing programs and emerging business models to create sustainable processes that bring new innovation to marketplace. I am a member of Project Management Professional Institute, Chairman of SCRUM Portugal, Chairman of Business Analysis Portugal, active member of ISACA Lisbon Chapter, Togaf Group and Lean Startup breakfast meetings. I'm entrepreneur and love prototyping ideas.

Agile21IN, Manager Partner
January 2012 - Present, Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Agile21 is a full-service strategic planning and coaching, consulting and training that adapts the content and methodologies of business strategy, aligning its structure with a focus on customer satisfaction through agile principles. Through Strategic Planning and Coaching improved the performance of Your Company to the critical challenges through enterprise-level value of each person with principles Agile / Lean combined with other frameworks such as SCRUM, KANBAN, etc.. We evaluate business strategies, projects and processes, we isolate the causes of problems and outline the Customer action plans to achieve greater productivity, faster availability of new products / services or updates. We identify the need for change to achieve the maturity needed in order to implement agile principles in its organizational structure. Our intervention, by either team, brings out the impediments sooner allowing the resolution of complex problems on time and reducing the risk and wear image. Continuous feedback, improve the performance of the product / service to accelerate the process of customer satisfaction. Value through high quality and commitment of each team member that results in a solution-oriented and focused on the product / service excellence that meets the Customer. Wmpowers rationalization of tools reducing licensing costs, implementation and maintenance because people have the power to act and act quickly in cases in order to provide greater customer satisfaction. Teams acquire agility, planning your daily delivery of value thinking and reflecting on his approach. They have their independence, creativity, performance and analysis capabilities to achieve customer satisfaction through their commitment. Designed and implemented practices and complex tools (Cynefim Model), we conducted transformations on Enterprise Agile and coach teams during the transition to Agile. We have knowledge and skills acquired through training of people in your workplace and share experiences in more than 40 transitions in various companies in different business areas and in different countries.


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