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Guy Van Eeckhout


Project Leader, Provikmo

Location: Brugge, Belgium


Certified ScrumMaster



Like so many here, I am a born and bred IT addict. 

After graduating as a Computer Science Major, I started work developing GIS based software in the early nineties. After Y2K, I evolved into a navigation expert position in a Japanese Car Electronics Company.

There I first came into contact with the Agile movement. We started using Test Driven Development and Design Patterns. in 2006 I finally followed the Scrum Course given by Joseph Pelrine and it changed my life. Since then, I managed Waterfall-based teams, RUP-teams and Scrum teams. I enjoy Scrum based approaches the most, as they focus on working value added software and really motivate the teams. And the users LOVE the results.

I also play subtle Scrum evangelist and as a result, the number of Waterfall and RUP converts is growing all around me :)


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