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Gunnar Södergren


Software Developer/Scrum Master, HiQ

Location: Karlskrona, BLK, Sweden


Certified ScrumMaster


Work experience

HiQ Karlskrona, Software Developer
September 2015 - Present, Karlskrona, BLK, SE
I'm currently working as a Software Developer for a big IT company in Sweden. I am part of a big unit of roughly 60-70 people, divided into Scrum teams of 8 people each.

HiQ Karlskrona, Scrum Master / Project Manager
June 2015 - August 2015, Karlskrona, BLK, SE
As part of a Student Project for a big IT company in Sweden, I was given the responsibility of acting as Scrum Master and Project Manager for a Proof of Concept project involding cloud rendering. As Project Manager and Scrum Master, I took the helm in guiding the team of 6 developers towards deadline, while also educating them on Scrum and Agile Principles. I was also responsible for the communcarion with the Product Owner from the IT company.

HiQ Karlskrona, Software Developer
March 2015 - August 2015, Karlskrona, BLK, SE
I worked as a software developer at various in-house project for HiQ Karlskrona, including PoC e-health projects, Web development and technical documentation. During this entire time, I was part of a Scrum Team of 5-8 people (varying as people went on and came back from summer holidays).

HiQ Karlskrona, Software Developer
September 2014 - February 2015, Karlskrona, BLK, SE
During this project, I worked as a Software Developer Consultant at a large IT company in Sweden, while being employed by HiQ. Working in a team of 5, we employed Scrum through the project.


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