Bill Li
CST, Agile Coach, Managing Principal at UPerform Consulting.
Shanghai, China


Bill Li, CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) and Agile Coach, active in China and Asia, Managing Principal of UPerform Consulting Group.  With over 20 years of cross-functional experiences in IT sector, Bill is among the pioneers who promoted Scrum and Agile since 2007, and is active contributor and speaker at agile community, including major Scrum and Agile conferences.

李国彪,Scrum联盟CST-认证Scrum培训师及敏捷教练,中国地区推广敏捷的先行者之一。自2008年,作为Scrum培训师、敏捷教练和组织顾问,Bill感兴趣于如何能更有效地帮助客户的产品和研发组织及团队变得更有效果,更多的乐趣,更少的无谓的障碍和浪费,更少的压力,但能产出更好更精的产品和服务,获得更多的客户、员工、投资人、甚至于社区的尊重和认可…..Bill在敏捷领域服务过多家知名企业,对价值交付、敏捷思维和方式、团队氛围和激励、产品策略等有独特见解。他有超过20年的海内外跨职能IT行业管理及技术经验,自2004开始接触Scrum。李先生曾在美国师从软件界泰斗Ken Schwaber(Scrum的创立者之一)及Mike Cohn(敏捷估算及计划的鼻祖)。他近几年翻译或合作翻译了Ken的两本著作《Scrum敏捷项目管理》及《Scrum敏捷项目管理实战》,以及Mike的《用户故事与敏捷方法》。Bill也熟知PMI PMBOK项目管理方法。除了工科学位,李先生也是加拿大约克大学毕业的MBA。

Bill enjoys developing people and organizations through high quality Scrum and Agile training and consulting services.  His passion lies in helping clients’ product development organizations and teams to become more effective, having less waste and fewer impediments in their processes, less pressure, higher enjoyment, and producing better product and services, in an open, transparent, creative, and self-organized environment. 

Bill translated Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber into simplified Chinese and published it in 2007. He also co-translated Ken's next book on Scrum & Enterprise and Mike Cohn’s User Stories Applied, together with other 2 titles in Project Management area. Bill is MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University, and Bachelor of Engineering from South China University of Technology. He lives in Shanghai, China and Vancouver, BC, Canada.