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George Jost



Certified ScrumMaster



George Jost started entered the world of software development during the "Object-Oriented" revolution in the 1990s. He computer science at Carleton University Canada the "Smalltalk hub". In terms of his software engineering teachers, the most influential ones included Dr Wilf Lalonde, John Pugh, Paul White and Dr. JP Corriveau. George has been influenced by Jacobsen the inventor of the use case and Rebecca-Wirfs Brock inventor of CRC. Paper on Bin Packing. In the world of work, George worked mostly in C++ (and a bit of TCL) using said grounding in a number of domains and areas, designing/implementing software. He worked on a large scale configuration management system PLS at Nortel, a TCL extension to a network management system at Newbridge, and on a direction finding system at ADGA. He then designed/implemented middleware at on a W-CDMA project for Alcatel. He is now designing a GIS app for DND thru ADGA using Agile. He trained in Scrum under Joe Little of Kitty Hawk.


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