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Greg Hutchings


President, Amelior Services SASU

Location: Paris France


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Greg Hutchings

In my business life, I am a consultant and coach helping to guide teams in successful software development efforts, and helping companies to refine or redefine their organizational structure, values, culture and ways of working.  I teach, coach and use Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP, Innovation Games, Management 3.0 and generally agile, iterative, collaborative methods for innovating and building products and services.  

I am a certified Innovation Games (tm) and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) instructor and offer both private and public certifying trainings, in addition to my coaching and consulting work.  You can find a schedule of my upcoming trainings on my company website,

I work with both small and very large scale distributed organizations in a variety of sectors, but especially in e-Commerce, Financial Services, Educational Technology, Telecommunications and High tech.   I work at Amelior Services, a company I have founded to help people and their companies to improve.  I am based in Paris and have worked around the world, including in the U.S. (I'm an American in Paris), Austria, Switzerland, France, India, China, Canada, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Gibraltar and for many large and small global clients including Cross Knowledge, Societe Generale, Darty, Alcatel-Lucent, Schneider Electric, and Michelin.

My practice areas have become increasingly specialized in scaling Scrum and agile, off shore, distributed and highly complex system development.  I focus very much on the human side of teams and their ecosystems, and am interested in and try to provoke changes in mindset in the leadership team, to become true servant leaders, to which I also aspire.

I live in Paris and am the father of a 8+ year old little girl who keeps me agile; you'll often find us on the weekends on our bike or in one of the many parks or cafes around Paris.  I have kept a home in the San Francisco, California area and may one day return...

My work history

I have worked for some great companies, including Valtech, ThoughtWorks, Advent Software and Franklin Templeton, and two which I founded and am especially proud of, Advisor Software in 1994, and Amelior Services in 2015.  I have led the development of some very interesting software and have had the privilege of working with some outstanding people, many of whom have become close friends.  If you are interested in my background please feel free to take a look at my résumé

Work experience

Amelior Services, Founder, coach, trainer
January 2015 - Present, Neuilly-sur-Seine, FR
We help your people, teams and organization to improve or "améliorer". We are experts in new product development, specifically Lean, Scrum, Agile and Innovation, and we have deep experience at scale with leading companies. We do this together by helping you to clarify your values, vision, goals and structure, and by consulting, teaching and coaching the people in your organization. We can catalyze change management programs that are custom designed for your context. Our expertise helps you to innovate and improve the satisfaction of your people and of the customers of your products and services. We can help you to simplify and focus your organizational design, improve your people's communication and development skills, improve teamwork and obtain better results. Our goal is to improve the satisfaction of your employees, stakeholders, customers and partners through improved communication and alignment, thereby improving your business.

Valtech, multiple
May 2006 - June 2013, Paris, FR
Valtech is the leading global agile consultancy, with offices in 8 countries, headquartered in Paris. I lead agile services at Valtech, and I work as a Scrum, Agile, Lean coach and trainer for our clients. My clients (past and present) include Agefos, Societe Generale, Louis Vuitton, Darty, Cross Knowledge, Michelin, Alcatel-Lucent and Schneider Electric. My role on an account is generally a servant leader role, which includes going to Gemba, coaching and training. In the first 3 years, from 2006-2009, most of my work was agile delivery work, including large teams of up to 100 people. In my second 3 years, from mid 2009- mid 2012, most of work is consulting large product development organizations in introducing Scrum to their teams via coaching and training, scaling Scrum and Lean, and consulting on organizational change management using agile values.

ThoughtWorks, Multiple Agile roles (cross functional)
September 2003 - December 2005, San Francisco, CA, United States
ThoughtWorks is a leading US Agile App Dev consultancy. I worked there for a little over 2 years, applying my product development and management experience to consult to clients, introducing agile development methods and delivering applications using agile methods. I worked as an Agile Project Manager, business analyst, agile team member, and client principal for several clients. I worked closely with ThoughtWorks' distributed global leadership team. My clients included the Gap, McGraw Hill, Countrywide Financial, Novell, Barclays and WYSE, among others. I taught other ThoughtWorks and client team members how to develop using agile methods in applied project environments. Technologies included Java, .NET, Oracle, and a variety of open source technologies for unit, functional and performance test automation, continuous integration and automated deployment. I took a deep dive into Agile ALM and helped Collabnet and Source Forge Enterprise product teams conceptualize their ALM products and bring them to market.


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