Giuseppe De Simone
Agile Coach & Trainer
Stockholm, Sweden


Giuseppe De Simone is 44 years old, married with 2 children, but still sees the 16 years old guy he was sometimes ago, when he looks at himself in the mirror every morning.

Holding a Master's degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Naples, he started working in Ericsson as SW developer in 1999, after 1 year civil service in a temporary care home for abandoned children and single mothers.

After several years experience in Technical Coordination of international, complex telecom/IT projects, distributed in several sites, with external partners and suppliers, he started embracing Agile by undergoing 8 weeks of intensive training and coaching from 9 international Agile coaches and trainers (including 3 CEC's and CST's). He's been working as Agile coach and trainer since 2009. Having worked so far as Scrum Master or Product Owner in several teams and as management coach at different levels, Giuseppe has hands-on experience of Agile and in particular of how Scrum can work with success.

He provides Agile/Scrum coaching to Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Development Teams and Managers, he operates as Agile evangelist and gives guidance/support to Agile transition at all levels of his organization. As a teacher, he organized and taught several classes about Agile, Scrum and Lean Management at different sites for a total amount of more than 900 class hours.

His education and skills are heavily influenced by having been Scout for more than 30 years and Scout Leader for more than 20.