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Frank Alvaro III


Senior Development Engineer, Epicor Software Corporation

Location: Philadelphia, PA (US)


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile PA User Group


Frank Alvaro

I'm a code-monkey by nature, and had lived the life of the Waterfall slave for almost 10 years; then, I came across the Agile Manifesto and I thought to myself, "wait a minute, this makes sense!  Why the hell have I been doing it this way?"  Shortly after a company initiative to transition to Agile (using Scrum), I had the pleasure of being sent to the CSM course and am glad to have been part of several successful projects, as well as having the honor of promoting Agile/Scrum to my peers (sometimes, I was not-so-well liked by the "I just do what I'm told in the spec" brainwashed teams and the "I'm gonna lose my job" managers of those teams, but eventually they "saw the light" :D )...

Visit my LinkedIn profile for some more information and Happy Scruming!



Work experience

Epicor Software Corporation, Senior Development Engineer
September 2001 - Present, Trevose, PA
Specializing in business application integrations with third party vendor applications. Particular areas of expertise in client/server design and development with back-end implementations to relational databases such as MS-SQL Server.


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