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Erik Van Eeden


Consultant / Trainer, Erik van Eeden

Location: Leiden, The Netherlands



Certified ScrumMaster



Erik van Eeden

As an outgoing person, I like to reach out to people. I get motivated by diversity in my profession. Change is a constant factor in IT, and IT is my focus. The main factor in my work is the human being. Fascinated as I am that diversity and change are included in every person.

Growing and learning is essential to get better, so I focus on the possibilities for every person (and for myself) to educate and train them.   

With an all-round IT background I love to share experiences. I am ambitious to reach goals, confident of success and pragmatic how to reach that.

When taking decisions, I value honesty and tact. Before implementing a change or decision I always want to assess all involved and see all sides of the change. 

As a consultant I coach people and organization, I add much value and quality and endorsement and by doing so I make myself dispensable.

As a manager I am very keen on the individual performance, as well as the overall goal. Co-operation and teamwork are essential.



Work experience

Eduvision, Trainer scrum basics
August 2011 - Present, Apeldoorn, Gelderland, Netherlands
Trainer for the Scrum trainings incompany and for customers. Scrum training coursematerial maker.

bvba Bizkid, consultant and trainer
September 2012 - January 2013, Bekkevoort, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
Helped Nico Vanoppen and others to prepare for scrum. Support the translation between customers and decelopers

University of Amsterdam, advisor / trainer
November 2012 - January 2013, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Helped a beginner in scrum to understand and apply the basics of scrum into her daily work. It was a background experience she needed in her study for the University of Amsterdam to work with scrum to develop medical software.

ST-Ericsson, Consultant and Trainer
August 2012 - September 2012, Zaventem, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium
As the company was breaking in pieces, I was asked to do consultancy for the IT development department on scrum. I gave training and helped the employees to prepare themselves for possible (and for some sure) Scrum environments in the future.

Squalius, trainer and consultant
February 2012 - March 2012, Oostkamp, West Vlaanderen, Belgium
Preparing for scrum. The software developers had to be prepared to go scrumming, and finding out what is different between their former way of working and the scrumway. Inclusive training in Antwerp.

Truvo, advisor / trainer
January 2012 - February 2012, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium
Advising a waterfall working company that wants to change to Scrum.

Entropia Digital , consultant / trainer
January 2012 - February 2012, Brugge, West Vlaanderen, Belgium
Preparing software developers to go scrumming. Another group in the company already was, and so the not-scrummers had to be prepared and trained.

Sioux, consultant and trainer
September 2011 - December 2011, Gent, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium
consulting on the scrum process and indept discussions And training the scrummaster Schiepers

Queaso Systems, advisor and trainer
September 2011 - December 2011, Gent, Oost Vlaanderen
Advising on the scrum process training Ludwig as scrummaster.


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