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Eddie Lovelace


Software Release Manager, Liberty University

Location: Lynchburg, VA


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Eddie Lovelace

I learned software development from the US Air Force during a time when all mainframe applications were being converted to Client-Server. To that end, the government made sure I was trained in OOA and OOD, software configuration management, and Software Development Lifecycles. I watched as we all learned that this new world had more software requirements to consider than any of us knew how to deal with. It has been awesome to watch the maturation of the industry (and its honesty) in pursuing Scrum and its derivaties. 

I love to write code and design databases, but somewhere in my career I became the guy that can see "the software release machine" as an interesting software domain. This means that I have become a software release manager as a career path completely by accident. I hope that is because people perceive me as an effective process smith and coordinator and not because I'm perceived as a lousy developer. :)


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