Erika Massie
Director of Global Learning and Assessment at Scrum Alliance.
Denver, CO


Erika Massie holds a MEd from the University of MN, Duluth, and a BA in environmental science and Latin American studies from Bates College. She has travelled the world as an educational consultant, specializing in leadership training, professional development, cross-cultural facilitation, second language acquisition, curriculum development, teacher mentoring, and nonprofit outreach--and has lived in 11 different states and 5 countries.  Prior to Scrum Alliance, she has worked as the Education Specialist for the Professional Ski & Snowboard Instructors Association, as an Outreach Director and translator for Denver Public Schools, and as Special Projects Director for the Mariposa DR Foundation (supporting education for girls and women in the Dominican Republic to reduce global poverty).  She is bilingual in English and Spanish, and holds certifications in learning management, urban education, Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, Designing Learning, and Training from the Back of the Room. Erika joined the Education team at Scrum Alliance as a Program Manager in August, 2015, moving into the role of Global Learning Manager in September, 2015 and to the role of Director of Global Learning and Assessment in June, 2017.  Until relocating to Colorado, Erika split her time between Moab, Utah and the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  Erika is an avid skier, an enthusiast of modern art and architecture, and is an active volunteer for Latino youth outreach and violence prevention in urban Denver. 

Work Experience

Scrum Alliance, Director of Global Learning and Assessment
2015-08-05 - Present, Westminster, Colorado, US
Develop and design innovative learning content in Scrum and Agile. Direct projects in instructional design, facilitation, training, and education. Lead teams through mentorship and guidance.