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Ed Guy


Senior Agile Systems Engineer, Leidos

Location: Vienna, VA/USA


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Washington DC Scrum User Group


Ed Guy

  • An experienced Certified ScrumMaster and SAFe Agilist, enthusiastic coach and mentor who has built, led and supported successful software engineering teams.
  • A confident tactical advisor who combines Agile engineering practices and a wide range of experience to help organizations improve the effectiveness of their software development, integration and sustainment activities.
  • An effective technical manager and systems engineer who adds value to his clients' operations by recognizing and solving problems.

Notable Contributions

  • Successfully designed and executed a six-month, single team, Agile pilot project, which shortened development and delivery cycles from annual to bi-weekly, and is currently coaching ten additional teams in order to accelerate delivery of business capabilities across the customer’s organization.
  • Avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and reclaimed hundreds of terabytes of electronic storage for IC customer by identifying and eliminating redundant data in software systems.
  • Recognized by IC customer for information assurance analysis and risk mitigation plan in preparation for deployment of an unclassified system into a classified environment.
  • Developed the product configuration management system for a consumer electronics company.

Work experience

Leidos, Sr. Agile Systems Engineer
June 2014 - Present, Reston, Virginia
Senior Agile Systems Engineer • As Agile Coach leads a large U.S. Government information management organization in the tactical, day-to-day application of Scrum/XP and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and in effective use of Jira Agile to support product planning, development and management reporting. • Guides multiple teams in the adoption, application and adaptation of various Agile frameworks and practices (Scrum, Kanban, XP, SAFe) to suit their operational needs. The teams include software development groups, systems O&M shops, data production operations, research teams, infosec and help desk teams. • Guides program management and technical team members through a re-invention of requirements development and management and application of adaptive planning processes. • Introduces development teams to the Scrum framework and guides them through an iterative and incremental Agile maturation process.

CleverSource, LLC, ScrumMaster
December 2013 - June 2014, Herndon, VA
Supporting DigitalGlobe • Serves the organization as a full-time ScrumMaster in the application of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). • Conducts daily stand-up meetings with a cross-functional development team, helping team members focus limited resources on continuous delivery of working software. • Conducts bi-weekly sprint reviews, retrospectives and planning events to verify progress toward and adapt to changes in enterprise-level objectives. • Coaches individual team members in how to employ Agile development practices to improve personal productivity and job satisfaction.

Agilex, Scrum Coach
November 2012 - November 2013, Chantilly, VA, United States

Scrum Master / Business Analyst - Supporting L-3 Stratis, Reserve Component Automation

·        Developed user stories, technical tasks, and a project roadmap for implementation of a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery environment during project start-up.

·        Coached a cross-functional development team in the adoption of Kanban practices to assess, resolve and deliver corrections for a large backlog of outstanding trouble tickets.

Scrum Coach - Windshear II

·        Led a multi-team, multi-company program organization in the adoption, adaptation and implementation of Agile/Scrum principles and practices.

·        Coached Scrum Masters, Product Owners and team members in techniques that enable delivery of working software to the customer every two weeks, and in the use of JIRA as an Agile support tool.

·        Advised the prime contractor in scaling Agile practices at the Program and enterprise Portfolio levels.


Sage Solutions Group, Inc., Systems Engineering Consultant
June 2009 - October 2012, Centreville, VA, United States

Voice Identity Biometrics Exploitation Services (VIBES), Deployable CI/HUMINT Portal (DCHIP)

·        Led software requirements elicitation, analysis and management activities during transition-to-operations of Army G2-sponsored Quick Reaction Capabilities.

·        Implemented a story-based requirements management practice, using Atlassian JIRA to improve the capture, realization and tracking of functional and technical software requirements. 

·        Coached the client's technical teams in the use of Agile principles and Scrum practices to improve responsiveness to user feedback and accelerate deployment of software updates to users on the battlefield.  Coached the infrastructure team during their transition to Scrum.

Lockheed Martin, Sr. Staff Software / Systems Engineer
December 1985 - April 2009, , VA, United States

SLATE - Project Manager/SI                                                                           

·        Led a team of technology specialists in planning for relocation of multiple data centers for a large-scale intelligence data collection operation.   Negotiated with stakeholders to determine the impact of the move on operating budgets, develop logistics plans and establish temporary service level agreements. 

·        Conducted a major data audit and analysis effort for the government customer, reclaiming hundreds of terabytes of electronic storage space and avoiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.

·        Prepared the program's corporate process compliance plan and drafted initial program management documents. 

Program 522 - Team Lead, Software Integration & Test

·        Staffed and managed an independent I&T team of corporate and sub-contract personnel in a fast-paced, geographically distributed development effort for a biometrics data analysis system for an IC customer. 

·        Led the team as ScrumMaster in adoption, application and adaptation of Agile development methodologies to verify rapidly evolving system capabilities. - Software Systems Integration Lead

·        Recognized by the IC customer for information assurance analysis and risk mitigation plan prior to migration of the system into a classified environment.

·        Developed tactical and strategic technical plans for software releases and upgrades. 

·        Led a highly skilled, technically diverse team of engineers and technicians. 

·        Defined technology insertion and refresh requirements, including evaluation, selection and integration of commercial software and hardware components.

Joint Theater Logistics Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstration (ACTD)

·        Led a Pilot Services effort, which included providing multi-site operational support for military logistics operations, and maintaining development and integration laboratories.

Joint Logistics ACTD

·        Led system integration activities and adapted collaborative system integration processes to support a geographically distributed team.

Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems ACTD

·        Led integration of a web-based information management and automated process support system. Defined an iterative process for integrating COTS-based software-engineering environments.


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