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Dan Woodward


Agile Coach, Remedy Labs

Location: Alton, Hampshire, UK


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

London, UK


I have always wanted to help people. To understand how people think, how things work and how I can make things better. When I was 12 I decided to be a doctor, but life seems to have had other ideas!

9 years ago someone introduced me to Agile, and the role of Scrum Master. I had finally found a way to take everything I loved about medicine and apply it in a different way to help people. Since then my vocation has been to learn how to make the workplace better. To make it effective, efficient and fulfilling.

I have spent the last nine years learning and applying Agile and Lean principles. I appreciate that every company is different, and every team has unique needs. I take a holistic approach to support my clients. I draw on almost a decade of knowledge and practical experience. And I am grateful to have been able to help many businesses improve how they work already.

I now focus on the wider challenges that businesses face: Complexity, knowledge and adaptability. I also draw on my medical background to see how people can bring every aspect of themselves to the workplace. I draw on themes of wellness and positive psychology and apply them in the workplace.

By 2020 the creative knowledge economy will disrupt your business like never before. Through a process of experimentation, learning and improvement I can help your organisation adapt. Send me a message to find out how.

Work experience

Remedy Labs Ltd., Director
December 2013 - Present, Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Remedy Labs helps companies create mutually beneficial working environments using Agile, Lean and modern management practices. We feel we're different to other companies because we take a holistic view to every problem; we learn the needs of the company, employees and the customers and work to create solutions that benefit them all. People talk about Work-Life balance, but the reality is it's just Life Balance - work is an integral part of our day and our identities so why shouldn't we be happy doing it?


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