Dave Sharrock
VP Professional Services at agile42.
Vancouver, Canada & Seattle, WA


Dave Sharrock is VP Professional Services for agile42 consulting, the agile coaching company, with responsibility for North America. As an agile leader with extensive business experience, from corporates and start-ups to in-house production teams and offshore IT service delivery, Dave now focuses on coaching management teams through enterprise agile change and building and coaching successful technology and product development organizations.

Dave drives change within technology-driven organizations through the introduction of agile product development practices, using agile frameworks such as Scrum. As an agile coach, Dave works closely with clients to help introduce sustainable agile change into an organization, providing direction and coaching to executive management teams, supporting organizations to overcome the challenges of agility at scale, and introducing and working with agile/Scrum teams, and product owners, scrum masters and development teams practicing Agile/Scrum methods.

Dave serves many customers as a strategic advisor, agile coach and consultant, helping implement agile methods like Scrum effectively with distributed teams.

Dave is the only coach in Canada to hold both the Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) designation, and holds a PhD and an MBA.