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David Martin


Owner, Don't Panic I.T. Solutions

Location: Sydney Australia



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



David Martin

Much abridged biography.

Many years ago, the company I was working for was using a very paper-heavy Prince2-based process. It had reached the point where (for smaller projects) the paperwork took longer than the actual work. Searching for a better way I enrolled in the first ever public CSM course in Sydney (lead by the ever-charming Jens Ostergaard) and the rest is history...

I specialise in the interface between people and processes. A process, no matter how good it is on paper, is no use if it doesn't fit the people and the needs of the business. The Scrum process is one of my primary tools for driving process improvement and cultural change within organisations.

Work experience

Commonwealth Bank, Agile Coach
June 2013 - Present, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Working with the coaching team at Australia's largest bank to coach their development teams in Scrum/Lean and generally helping the organisation move from a Waterfall to Agile mindset.

iSoft (Now CSC Healthcare), Agile Coach
September 2011 - June 2013, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Isoft is a major producer of healthcare software from applications for primary care (GP surgeries etc) right up to national healthcare systems. There are a number of development teams worldwide using a number of development processes with varying levels of success. My role in the solutions architecture group is to introduce best practices across the organisation and move towards a company wide adoption of Scrum as the primary development methodology.

Citect/Schneider Electric, Software Development Manager
September 2007 - August 2010, Gordon, NSW, Australia

At Citect I was brought in to introduce Agile development into their product development team. The initial pilot project took a team that had struggled for 2 years to release a service pack and through Scrum delivered a major product release in 12 months with 6 monthly releases planned after that.

IMS Health, Asia Pacific Development Manager
March 2005 - September 2007, Sydney, NSW, Australia

IMS is a global company specialising in medical data for drug marketing. The Asia Pacific development team developed a number of products using a very paper heavy Prince2 based process. This process was causing delays and frustration so I was tasked with finding an alternative. That alternative was Scrum. Under the Scrum process the team saw significant improvements in productivity and business satisfaction.

Articles I've written

A Journey: From Project Manager to ScrumMaster
In the beginning I was a coder. Then, suddenly one day, I found myself a Project Manager. Our PM had left unexpectedly and the call went out for a temporary replacement. I was the last one to bolt for the door, and so there I was: temporary Projec...


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