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Don MacIntyre


Founder & Consultant, Scrum,Etc.

Location: Greater Philadelphia


Certified Enterprise Coach
Certified Agile Leadership Educator
Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


My Courses

Certified Agile Leadership I
12-13 March, 2018
Location: New York, NY, United States of America

Certified Agile Leadership I
16-17 April, 2018
Location: Washington, DC, United States of America

Certified Agile Leadership I
14-15 May, 2018
Location: Boston, MA, United States of America

Certified Agile Leadership I
11-12 June, 2018
Location: Manchester, NH, United States of America

Certified Agile Leadership I
16-17 July, 2018
Location: Burlington, VT, United States of America

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As founder of Scrum, Etc., Don MacIntyre focuses on Organizational Transformations. Don provides consulting, coaching, and training from the C-level to the team level. Don was an early adopter of Agile and draws upon his many years of experience as a software executive, transformation lead, and software engineering leader to help organizations benefit from Agile principles and practices.

Don is a Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach and has worked extensively with executives from the Fortune 100, late-stage startups, and government agencies, preparing them to be truly effective agile leaders. With his extensive leadership background, leadership coaching experience, and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) status, Don is one the select few certified by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CALE).

Don was fortunate to learn Scrum directly from Ken & Jeff, XP from Ron, Kanban from David Anderson, Product Ownership from Mike Cohn, and SAFe from Dean Leffingwell - and apparently accumulated a bunch of certifications alomg the way. In addition to his CEC and CALE certs, Don also holds CSC, CSP, CSPO, CSM and SPC certifications.

Don has extensive experience in both the commercial and government sectors. As Director of Agile Development at Lockheed Martin, Don led the initial large scale Agile transformation efforts and has provided Agile consulting and training to programs at NASA, DHS, SSA, IRS, DoD, and numerous other agencies.

Don has taken thousands of people from around the globe through his Cumulative Learning workshops. Don's team-based workshops are designed to help Agile teams collaborate and learn together as a team and are often called ‘the best training I have ever had’.

Don has worked in many industries and recently guided an Agile transition for a company at the intersection of mobile, cloud, and the Internet of Things. Don has traveled the globe working extensively with executive, software, embedded, and hardware teams, as well as Joint Device Manufacturers (JDMs), helping all make the shift to Agile product development.

Prior to focusing on consulting and training, Don has led many successful engineering organizations over the years, through mergers and acquisitions at late stage startups, to successful dot coms (Monster), to global engineering organizations (HP). Throughout all, Don’s success has been the result of building and empowering highly collaborative cross-functional teams.

Don is a frequent speaker at the leading Agile conferences, a guest lecturer at the University of Delaware, and a co-founder of Agile Delaware.

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  • Certified ScrumMaster


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner


  • Certified Agile Leadership I


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