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David Lam


Lead Program Manager, HigherUp

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Agile / Scrum LA


2004 @ Dell

My team was using waterfall and I thought this is the worse way to run a project.  I looked at all the different project managment methodoglies and found Scrum.  I started to lead all the scrum ceremonies for my team.  My team felt much more cohesive and trusted each other more than before.  Our output was double our previous output and instead of feeling like a project team we felt like a group of close friends.

2007 @ Kelley Blue Book

I left Dell to learn from other practioners since I felt like I hit a wall.  Kelley Blue Book already had a team of 2-3 scrum masters and they were serious about implementing Scrum.  They had a huge training budget and all the executives were on board.  This is were I learned about Kanban and working with entire offshore teams using Scrum.  This was a great place to learn with others and grow.

2009 @ Sony

I felt the urge to grow again after KBB, Sony offered me to the chance to help Scrum teams improve and Coach.  I was also working with other PMs to roll out SAFe across Northern California and Southern California.  It was a pretty unique experience coach teams and also implementing a new methodology at Sony.

2011 @ OpenX

Having working for a lot of large companies who had lots of training budget but also red tape, I wanted to try working for a startup.  OpenX was appealing because they were doing a lot of cool things in the tech space for example, NoSQL DB's, Hadoop, DevOps, Chef and working with some of the best who worked at Yahoo and Google.   I was the first PM ever hired and it was really fun to implement Agile/Scrum at OpenX.  I first started with an API/UI team for their enterpise application.  It went so well they wanted me to lead a newly formed Mobile team.  Both teams did so well I moved on to other teams.  OpenX is where I grew the most technially and I really enjoyed it.  

2013 @ Linq3

Linq3 was another startup that needed an Agile transformation. They were scrummer falling, one of the first problems I tacked was having a dedicated product owner.  Prevoiusly engineering would be creating the story for the work needed.  This was a bad practice that needed to go.  Then we start to incorporate our DoD as a team and having insightful retrospectives.  The team started to really sprint and the rest was history.

2015 @ HigherUp/RentReporters

HigherUp had only daily scrums which was the only Scrum ceremony that occured.  I came in and we started to Sprint Plan with 2 week sprints.  We grew as a team with our retrospectives and we started to do automated testing and unit tests.  HigherUp was sold and we worked on a different product called RentReporters.  RentReporters utilized everyone from HigherUp so it was an easy transition and we kept our 2 week sprint cycle with a lot of best practices.


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