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Daniel Gomes


Senior Software Engineer, Uniplaces

Location: Lisbon, Portugal


Daniel Gomes is passionate about web development using the best practices of Software Engineering and Agile methodologies and practices. Daniel developed applications and websites for over 7 years.

It was around 2002, that Daniel started working on the web world. That year he finished two technical courses, PHP and HTML. In 2007, after completing two more technical courses, he began to develop more actively his profession as a Freelancer.

As Freelancer, Daniel developed and improved their skills in project management, customer relationship, requirements gathering, analysis and development of applications and websites.

Daniel is a proactive person, self-taught, responsible, self-motivated, driven objectives and goals, he is constantly doing research and exploring new technologies. He is an advocate of the use of Agile methodologies and practices.

In leisure time, he seeks to participate in technologic events and conferences. He regularly participates in open source communities, and ultimately as contributed to the Symfony2 community, a PHP framework.

Their goals in the short and medium term are to continue their research in new technologies and new methodologies and practices in web development and software. Explore and improve their capabilities in Agile project management using Scrum and do some more certifications in the technologies he uses in day-to-day.


Work experience

Uniplaces, Senior Software Engineer
April 2014 - Present, Lisbon, PT
Helping on the architecture of the new application. Using Symfony 2, DDD (Domain Drive Design), TDD/BDD and other tools for development

phplx, Co-Founder & Community Enabler
November 2012 - Present, Lisbon, Portugal

Co-founder of phplx. 

As a Community Enabler I help to organize the phplx meetups and also promote people from the PHP community and help the community to grow.

Geeklist, Portugal Ambassador
March 2012 - Present, Lisbon, Portugal

The Geeklist Ambassador Program is all about spread the word about Geeklist among all the communities and through the social medias.

As the Portugal Ambassador for Geeklist my main roles are:

- Find and contact all tech communities in Portugal
- Go to events
- Find companies, communities and people to join the Geeklist

GuestCentric Systems, Senior Software Engineer
August 2013 - March 2014, Lisbon, Portugal
Solve design and architecture problems. Maintenance of a legacy application. Integrations.

Aubay, SA, IT Consultant
September 2012 - July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

Worked as a Full Stack Web Developer at the client Sedimap Portugal.

- Implemented a new server stack to improve the performance, loading times and to cache assets on the server-side, the final result was a +150% reduction on the loading time.

- Implemented the marker cluster and markers viewport management with Google Maps. This implementation allowed the customers to run the Google Maps smoothly with more than 6000 markers.

- Implemented Git and Gitlab, also did the migration of all SVN repositories to Git.

- Developed a tool for toll management that allows the customer to authorize or non-authorize one or more vehicles to pass on an certain highway chunk.

- Developed a tool to manage the importation of the POI (Point of interest) and also did the Reverse Geocoding of them by using the Google Geocoding API.

- Developed other features for the GUI (using ExtJS 3.2, and other Javascript libraries) and also the implementation needed for them on the backend side (using PHP 5.3+)

Quidgest, SA, Software Engineer
August 2011 - July 2011, Lisbon, Portugal

My job is to develop software and web applications using software for automatic code generation (Génio). This development also includes making the analysis and application architecture, as well as writing documentation, creating reports, writing code routines (C++, C#, Javascript). Technologies and tools I use: SQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio, C#, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Flash, Flex, AS3, SVN, Crystal Reports. I am trying to implement Scrum in my department.


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