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Dan Fritzler


Agile Coach

Location: Colorado


Certified ScrumMaster



Dan Fritzler

From software developer, manager, project manager, ScrumMaster and Agile Coach, I have been working with teams for over 15 years. 

I believe we all want to get better and we never stop learning. As a coach and leader, I am committed to finding the right solutions to produce lasting and meaningful change.

My professional journey includes the following:

Applying coaching, mentoring and situational leadership to provide insights to teams, managers and stakeholders that challenge status quo thinking and encourage the evolution of Lean-Agile transformations.

Building high-performing, empowered teams to translate technology into products and services that deliver value.

Possessing a deep understanding of Agile and traditional process frameworks/methodologies for business-critical applications and services with the ability to transfer that understanding to all levels of the organization.

Authentic leadership roles clearly communicating to people their potential while promoting creativity and continuous improvement.

Work experience

CenturyLink, Agile Coach
March 2015 - Present, Denver, Colorado, United States
Change agent for teams, leaders and the overall organization in establishing an Agile culture. Observe program and team activities (e.g., sprint, release and roadmap planning) and provide constructive feedback to teams. Assist teams and leaders in executing Agile practices in a way that leads to continuous improvement. Act as a galvanizing force for implementing Agile across the organization.

Comcast, Agile Coach
January 2014 - February 2015, Centennial, Colorado, US
Coached Agile transformations using an entrepreneurial approach with teams, managers and business units to grow Agile principles and values for the Comcast Technology and Product Organization.

Comcast, ScrumMaster/Team Coach
February 2013 - December 2013, Centennial, Colorado, US
ScrumMaster for teams in the Comcast Video On Demand (VOD) program.

Local Matters, Director of Agile Program Management
March 2010 - January 2013, Denver, Colorado, US
Oversaw global Agile software services. Spearheaded first true Agile/Scrum rollout which became the blueprint for future global programs across Europe and Asia Pacific.


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