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Chris Spagnuolo


Agile Evangelist, DTS Agile

Location: Fort Collins, CO


Certified ScrumMaster



I have been working in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) field for over ten years. If it involves GIS, I've probably done it...everything from field data collection to large scale enterprise GIS deployments. I've worked with teams of varying sizes and technical ability in a wide variety of roles, from GIS technician to project manager. Over the years, I accumulated a wealth of knowledge from the teams I've worked with. This includes both technical knowledge as well as insights into team dynamics and project management.

Through this experience, I have reached the conclusion that the most effective way to deliver value is by the implementation of agile practices. I believe that allowing talented teams to do what they do best, and removing any impediments to this work is the key to delivering high value, high quality products. I also believe that agile practices provide a collaborative environment that encourages teams to seek out innovative solutions to complex problems.

To that end, I have adopted the agile practice of Scrum as the methodology of choice for the management of complex software development projects. I believe strongly in the effectiveness of Scrum and have become a Scrum/Agile evangelist.

I am also the author of blog about Agile practices in GIS development called Chris Spagnuolo’s GeoScrum! (

Articles I've written

Scrum is so easy! Why don't they get it?
Management can see that Scrum works for developing software. What they often have more trouble understanding is that Scrum is a project management process that should govern the entire project, not just the "development part."


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