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Chris Murman
Agile Coach at Bottle Rocket Apps.
Dallas, TX


Many have stated, "I want to build a better..." as their mission statement. In my limited time on Earth, I have discovered that I want to build a better way to build a better....

That comes from learning to build smarter, harder, faster, more accurately, and with greater transparency. Those are the tenets of how I work. To learn how to do this, I have worked in art direction, quality assurance, product management, project management and agile coaching. In every role, my ultimate goal was to look critically at how our work is done and iterate. 

David Steindl-Rast says the best way to accomplish this feat is to stop, look, then go. Every team I coach is urged to greatness by performing this ritual between every possession. Run hard with the ball, then stop and measure.

Having served as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team Member on Scrum teams for the past few years, I ensure quality and rapid development through continuous integration and a test-driven development mentality on my team. My background in QA puts the focus on users, in addition to utilizing user feedback on every feature in our product backlog.

I have begun serving as an Agile Coach in a few situtions at work, but my desire is to now finalize my learning and add the cert to my portfolio.