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Cristina Liriano


Agile Coach, Bloomin Brands

Location: Tampa, FL


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Tampa Bay Agile


My name is Cristina Liriano. I’ve spent most of my career as a Project Manager but always felt like I was doing something wrong.  My goal was always to set up teams for success by developing trust and a sense of shared goals that lead to shared accountability.  I’ve had some supportive leadership because I consistently had good results.  But some questioned my style and looked for me to develop the more command and control and punitive management that was simply not my style.

I stumbled onto Scrum by being the PM on a project that would be used as a pilot because they wanted faster results.  I had no background whatsoever and took my SM class.  I jumped right into it and started learning and reading all the while starting this project with just the basic training.  I haven’t looked back since.

Taking Scrum Master jobs at various places in the past 5 years, I’ve enjoyed setting up Scrum teams and guiding them into adopting Scrum successfully.  Over the years, I’ve tweaked both the tools that I use and my style as I’ve learned what’s effective in facilitating increased performance. I’ve learned when to step back and watch the magic happen and now I even know when it’s happening as it’s happening.  Instead of thinking that something is wrong because the team has worked through something without me, I realize that it’s my coaching that has resulted in this shared independence of thinking and acting.

Some of my greatest success has been in being able to achieve positive results in silo-ed, highly controlled and process-heavy environments.  It’s been great to be able to promote creativity and innovation in these environments. I do recognize that my new mission must be to help with the transformation at these companies and enable them to share in these successes.

So here I am, ready to move into the next phase of my work experience where I don’t feel like a misfit and actually feel like I can impact a company’s growth by focusing on what I have always focused on – it’s people. Looking to continue learning and growing with some great colleagues across the world.

Work experience

Bloomin Brands, Agile Coach
January 2016 - Present, Tampa, FL, United States
I am an Agile Coach for Bloomin Brands. I was brought on to stand up the pilot team and use learnings to help stand up other teams. In this role, I deliver training on Agile principles and Scrum practices, I coach teams on process improvements and opportunities for greater collaboration and communication. I also identify and help drive the resolution of organizational impediments. In addition to working with executives to manage strategic initiatives to better support an agile implementation, I am also the Scrum Master for the Agile Action team. The Agile Action team is driving improvements for the company to support the transformation.

Catalina Marketing, Scrum Master Manager and Coach
March 2014 - November 2015, St Petersburg, FL, United States
I began as a Scrum Master for a couple of teams at Catalina Marketing. After successfully standing up two teams, we began an agile adoption effort with other teams. As the manager of the Scrum Masters, I served as a mentor to the Scrum Masters. I also trained and coached teams and drove improvement efforts for the teams. I worked with executives on the overall adoption efforts including putting together an Agility Roadmap that was worked on by the agile adoption team.

Healthesystems, Scrum Master (Contract)
May 2013 - March 2014, Tampa, FL, US
Hired to train and facilitate Scrum for a team of SharePoint Developers. Later asked to observe and coach additional teams and help implement Scrum with those teams.

FIS, Scrum Master
May 2011 - April 2013, St Petersburg, FL, US

At FIS, I was the Scrum Master for a bill payment Product. The team included onshore and offshore members. We did Scrum for the two years that I was there. The Product Owner was the business executive for the product.

Healthesystems, Project Manager Supervisor
June 2009 - May 2011, Tampa, FL, US

Lead a Scrum team during my time as a Sr PM/PM Supervisor. We used the Scrum framework for a Clinical Services project whereby we delivered a new system for identifying opiods over-usage and alerting medical professionals of this over-usage.


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