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Bryan Zarnett


Consultant, Redhook Solutions Inc.

Location: Toronto Canada


Certified ScrumMaster



In the mid-90s, my interests started moving to a better understanding of Software Management and Development practice; exploring the concepts of best practices, patterns, anti-patterns and group dynamics within IT environment. In 1999 I was introduce to Extreme Programming and ran my first XP Team at a Start-up developing a sophisticated Brokerage application in 1/4 of the estimated time. It was at this exact same time that I helped formulate the Toronto-based XP User Group which eventually turned into the Agile User Group and helped introduce Scrum and XP to Toronto.

In 2003, I helped bring Ken to Toronto for a series of CSM courses to help myself, and other individuals gain a better understanding of Scrum and Agile from a grassroots perspective. It was through this meeting with Ken and Mike Bowler that the concept of the Scrum Alliance was explored. You can read more about it from the following links:

Since 1999, I have had numerous opportunties to share my experience, concepts and approaches to Agile development (with a focus on XP and Scrum) at User Groups, Corporate Events, Conferences and over coffee. My professional experiences allow me to be an Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Software Architect and Developer for Fotune 500 and Fortune 1000 organizations.

When not providing consulting services in North America, I can be found practicing a traditional form of Japanese Martial Arts at

Please read my blog on Agile and Software Craftsmanship at

Articles I've written

Running the Scrum-of-Scrums: Agile Program Management
Scrum scales so that large, multidimensional projects that cross departments, teams, and traditional boundary lines can be managed using the same protocols and logic of a fundamental, small-team project. The key to this scalable element is the Scr...


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