Bryan Stallings
Director at Accenture | SolutionsIQ.
Redmond, WA


Bryan Stallings 

As a Certified Scrum Trainer since 2005, Bryan has trained and coached hundreds of individuals and teams in Scrum and Agile techniques. Bryan was the first agile coach hired by SolutionsIQ. He later became a member of the leadership team and has been involved in its evolution and growth since the beginning of the consulting organizaiton. Today he supports and mentors some 200 agile coaches that make up the industry-leading agile consultancy.

Additionally, Bryan is a faculty member of the Agile Coaching Institute.

Bryan has been responsible for advising and guiding the enterprise rollout of Scrum at dozens of companies. Bryan has been involved in the Agile and Scrum communities since their beginnings, and has worked in collaboration with both of the Scrum founders, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber. At that time, Bryan led what was acclaimed as the largest-scale Scrum implementation of its time.

A unique set of capabilities in a combination of disciplines, including Professional Coaching, Management Consulting, Organizational Change, Leadership Development, Project Management, and Process Improvement have resulted from Bryan’s twenty years of international and domestic experience in consulting, information technology, financial services, and manufacturing. Bryan is known for his skill at facilitating collaboration within empowered project teams—across organization, geographies and cultures—and with key decision-makers, in order to foster productive relationships and achieve critical business results. 

Bryan has an MBA in International Business. He is a trained professional coach (CTI). Bryan is fluent in Spanish and has conducted Scrum training in Spanish. You can contact Bryan at